Memento Ink - Tattoos by April

525 Main St, Springfield, OR, 97477

Memento Ink - Tattoos by April

525 Main St

Springfield, OR, 97477

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[11/16/20]   Please email [email protected] for inquiring about a tattoo. April is still working with Facebook to get her account back, it was hacked. Thank you for understanding.
Memento Ink - Tattoos by April
Memento Ink - Tattoos by April's cover photo
Piercing post!!

Hello! If you've been in recently, you may already know the exciting news, because I've not been able to be quiet about it: I'm relocating to Eugene! After 9 YEARS at Memento Ink, my last day will be this Friday the 31st. This move will open doors to help me achieve the goals I've been working towards for years! This change is daunting, but so worth it. I'm over the moon!

Folks can still book appointments with the same link. After Friday the 31st, I will be at my new location. See you there!
Hi everyone! David here one last time!

Im leaving the Memento family to start a new chapter in my tattoo life. Saturday was my last day at the shop so you may come in to find my station missing! Ive been offered an amazing opportunity
to work with some amazing new people. Its time to set off on a new adventure!

I want to take a moment to thank April and Norm for almost 7 years of an amazing friendship at an amazing shop! To all my clients over the years I want to thank you for your support, and a lot of awesome conversations, its been an honor to hear about your lives, the ups and downs, and to be a part of them.

If you have any work that I still need to finish and you havent heard from me, or you just want to say hi,I will be just across town at Sub-Dermal Art Collective.

I Urge you all to continue to support April and everyone at Memento, and Hope to see everyone I dont work on when I stop into visit April from time to time! These people have been amazing to me, and deserve your support!

Its going to be super strange to look over and not see Ape tattooing across for me, But dont worry folks! Im going to take over her pool all summer! I love all you guys,......did i say AMAZING enough times? hahahahaha!

Thanks again for all the things, for all these years!
OctoPie Piercing LLC / Piercing By Samantha Heeeeey!! I hope everyone is doing well ❤️!! I'm opening up more appointment times!! Please check out the link to see scheduling and even prices.
We are excited to announce that we will be reopening, however, we will not be accepting walk in clients at this time. If you are not already on the contact list and would like to be, you can message us on Facebook, email or call. If you call, please leave your name and number and we will return your call for scheduling! You will be contacted prior to your appointment for confirmation. Can’t wait to see you all!
[05/08/20]   Well friends, it looks like we *MAY* be able to reopen as soon as May 15th! We are very excited and will be contacting everyone who is on the scheduling list as soon as we have confirmation of that date. If you are not already on that list and would like to be, let us know via comment or direct message. People who were previously scheduled will be contacted first. We can’t wait to see everyone and have missed you all very much!
We will be taking additional safety precautions when we reopen, some of which include:
We will be taking clients BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.
Clients will be asked to come alone to their appointment.
We will be requiring clients and staff to wear masks.
You may be asked to wait outside until previous client has left.
We will be updating you on these procedures as you are contacted for scheduling.
Memento Ink - Tattoos by April's cover photo
Memento Ink - Tattoos by April's cover photo Explaining Exquisite Corpse, the Surrealist Drawing Game That Just Won’t Die Who wants to play Distance Exquisite Corpse with me? Leave a comment, and I’ll assign you a section to draw. Then send your drawing to me in messenger (so no one else sees it) and I’ll put them together into the full art work. Doesn’t this sound like fun? Here’s a link to my inspiration: The rules of this collaborative art exercise are simple: Grab some friends and a single piece of paper, and create something beyond your wildest dreams.
We will be closed temporarily, but look forward to serving you all soon! If you have an appointment during this closure, we will be contacting you to reschedule as soon as we are back to work. If you would like to get on the schedule when we return, you can message us here or email [email protected] to get on the call list! In the meantime, we will be offering gift certificates online as well as up for grabs designs and other original art prints and merchandise. We will post those links in the comments here. Thank you to all our friends and clients for your love and support! Be Well.
[03/21/20]   Im going to keep working till they tell me i cant! still have spots open today, had some reschedules. Message or call the shop if you want to get in! This weekend im doing 100 an hour gift certificates with no expiration dates( in case we have to close for a bit). Please reschedule with me if your feeling off or unwell at all, or for any other reason. With whats going on right now i completely understand!Take care everybody, and wash them hands!- David
[03/18/20]   Hey peoples just wanted to let you guys know im still working😉 got some time this evening for someone if anyone wants to get in with me!-David
ok folks. ive been too busy to draw anything new! sorry! i swear if they lock us all down, or i slow down enough i will draw a ton of new designs! for now, I im still super booked, nobody is rescheduling yet(🤞) so i figured id offer my ever growing backlog of designs at further discounted prices than usual! So i can finally get to do some of this stuff. I do not hold my up for grabs or book appointments for them until they are purchased! first come first serve! Just to give the heads up as well, I plan on working till they tell me i cant! Be safe!-David
[03/17/20]   Hey folks! We are open and will be continuing to serve our clients. Our facility is constantly sanitized and sterilized. We do ask that you limit your support people to only 1 and during this time do not bring children. If you have any cold or flu like symptoms, or have been around someone with cold or flu like symptoms, we ask that you reschedule your appointment. We are doing everything we can in this situation to ensure the safety of our clients and ourselves, we ask you to do the same.
Couple fun ones from this week :)-David
[03/16/20]   Hey everybody i had a reschedule today so im taking the day off, i dont think anyone else will be at the shop today so the shops probally going to be closed. We will all be back in tomarrow! Everybody stay healthy while this crazy stuff is going on and please reschedule with me if your not 100%! Love you guys! -David
wound up with an open afternoon again if anyone wants to get in with me! i dont have a lot of slots left open this month, id love to do something for today, or one of my up for grabs! come say hi!-David
Discover Downtown Springfield Feature Friday!
We are highlighting Downtown Springfield business so you can get to know your neighbors and local small business owners.

This week we are introducing you to April Slater, the owner of Memento Ink - Tattoos, Piercing, Salon and More

Hours: Tuesday-Saturday: 11am-7pm
Address: 525 Main Street
Phone: (541) 741-0840
Email: [email protected]

Q. What and where was your first job?
A. My first job was bussing tables at The Village Inn...right here in Springfield! I really enjoyed getting to know our regulars and making connections.

Q. When did you open your business?
A. We opened up in June of 2011, so coming up on 9 years!

Q. What brought you to open a business in Downtown Springfield?
A. I love Springfield and had been watching all of the growth happen down here. I wanted to open a business where I really wanted to work and make it inclusive and welcoming for all walks of life. Downtown really hit all of those marks.

Q. What is something you would like people to know about your business?
A. We are not just tattoos! We also have extremely talented hair dressers and makeup artists (who work closely with the Eugene Ballet) as well as a nail technician and piercing artist. We are deeply involved in Downtown Springfield Second Friday Art Walk and we also do a lot of work with the education community. We work with local high schools (including A3 and Gateway) to host at least two internships annually so that those interested in the artistry or even the business aspect of our daily jobs can get a real experience.

Q. What is one other business located in Downtown Springfield that you would recommend people check out?
A. Oh goodness...ALL OF THEM! (we agree)....but some standouts are Memo's Mexican Restaurant, Chow and PublicHousehub. Another wonderful business is the The Nautilus Tropical Fish. Aaron has been extremely helpful in our aquarium needs but he also has gone above and beyond in assisting with tattoos and sleeves to be sure we choose the correct aquatic features and fish that would truly be found in the same environment.
These are some up for grabs designs im really into doing at the moment, special offers(usually around half price) ,first come first serve, I will not hold a design, or book an appointment until it has been purchased! theres also a ton on the wall, if your bored come say hi!-UP FOR GRABS! - David
David David
Up for Grabbies! Slowly rolling out some new designs, i think the next batch will be some american traditional! maybe not though, cant decide! lol. first come first serve, i will not book an appointment or hold a design until it is purchased! special prices (roughly half off)- come say hi =) -David
OctoPie Piercing LLC / Piercing By Samantha 20% off all retail jewelry for all of February! !
OctoPie Piercing LLC / Piercing By Samantha Piercing Of The Month is all piercings that use 16 gauge barbells! That means; nostrils, tragus, helix, conch, forward helix, lip piercings! They are $35 each!
Basic jewelry and all fees included!

Available Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from noon to 5:30.

Available for appointments outside of those walk in hours in advance.
Here’s a preview of the many flash designs we have to choose from today and we’ve got some one-offs up for grabs!
[01/31/20]   Good morning peoples! Its that time again! Fifth Friday woot woot! Come check out the new flash or score some gift certificates at some awesome prices! Cant wait to see everyone! Lets have some fun!😁-David
January 31st is Fifth Friday and you know what that means - come have some fun and get tattooed! We will have a vast selection of original flash designs to choose from, including some all-new sheets. If you don’t have time to get get tattooed tomorrow, you can pick your design and get a gift certificate to get it at a later date. DAVID will also be offering a limited number of discounted hourly gift certificates as well!
It’s coming up! We will have new designs to choose from starting at $45
Hey folks! wound up with a couple free hours here today if anyone wants to grab some time with me. ill be free till about 530, come say hi! maybe get an up for grabs! anywho ill be here working on designs- David
Happy new years peoples! ive been super busy with the holidays and i gotta start working on flash for our 5th friday coming up(🤩), but i got all these super rad up for grabs i really wanna do! Animals, Nature, Anime, 90s! all sorts of junk! this will be the last time i promote these particular designs, so if you see something you need hit me up! As usual first come first serve, special prices( usually half off at least). I will not hold a design or book an appointment untill the design is paid for so dont ask! UP FOR GRABS! -David
[01/01/20]   Had my evening appointment reschedule, should be done with my first tattoo around 3 if anyone wants to grab some time with a metric buttload of up for grabs im dieing to do!-David
[12/18/19]   Only two days left to donate to our toy drive for Checkered Past MMA Outreach! Order Memento Ink: Tattoos, Piercing, Salon and Gallery eGift Cards Looking for last minute gifts? You can now purchase gift certificates online and give or receive them in email! Order Memento Ink: Tattoos, Piercing, Salon and Gallery eGift Cards online and give the perfect gift. Send gift cards instantly to anyone. Powered by Square Gift Cards

Memento Ink - Tattoos by April

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