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Babe Wax Hi all! I’m looking to rent a space to wax out of on a weekly basis once personal services can go back to business in Oregon. I’m open to sharing space or longer rental agreements with amendments based around possible state of emergencies to come. Please PM me with any leads or recommendations!
I am a gender-affirming and body-positive business with a loyal clientele and excellent cleaning skills. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Venmo @ babewax Cash App $ babewax
Babe Wax “Thank you, WaxFund, for making me feel confident and beautiful every time I'm there. Mads makes you feel comfortable... so thankful for your support!”
Christy is a longtime WaxFund applicant and has received several services over the years because of those who pay it forward! She travels from out of town in southern Oregon each time! WaxFund is a program for low-income trans women and trans feminine folks to get waxed in the Portland area. Choose WaxFund services next time you book an appointment and automatically give. #waxfund #transisbeautiful #payitforward #lgbtqia #queer #pdxsalon #pdxwaxing
[02/03/20]   Even in the waxing "slow season" donors have made it possible to serve at least 5 applicants with the WaxFund this month!!
[07/24/19]   If you are a WaxFund applicant- check your email! Just sent an exciting announcement
wweek.com Portland’s Babe Wax Is a Gender-Affirming, Body Positive Waxing Salon wweek.com “If you don’t know how to work with any body type, then that’s your professional problem, not the person whose body it is.”
[06/11/18]   We are now serving nearly 50 applicants and need more funds to serve the growing trans community! Consider giving to the WaxFund, funding waxes for low-income trans women and trans feminine people in the Portland area. Donate here and share this link widely: babewax.net/waxfund
Babe Wax Belle's beautiful brows! She wanted them feminized and arched. #browenvy #waxfund #mtf #queerbrows #genderaffirming #lgbtqia #browspdx #waxingpdx #nomakeup #newwoman #naturalbeauty
Beautiful earrings donated by @crystalvisiongems. All proceeds go to #waxfund!! Priced$25-$30
[10/24/17]   Thank to all of our clients who choose to pay-it-forward!! You keep this program sustainable!
[10/04/17]   Hey any business owners/service providers want to donate discounts/gift cert/passes/etc for the WaxFund aftercare kits for the rest of the year to brighten up the applicants' life around the holidays??? Please email [email protected]
[09/19/17]   We were able to offer ten applicants this month WaxFund services! But with our list growing constantly (at nearly 40 applicants), we would really like to offer at least two more folks to keep things running smoothly. Each applicant utilizes an average of $100 each visit, so we would like to fundraise $200 more by the end of the month. Can you chip in?? No amount too small! PayPal: [email protected], cash app: $babewax, venmo: @babewax. Please note "WaxFund" when giving. Please share!!!
Quote from one of our receivers:
[08/02/17]   Did you know that WaxFund no longer requests an appointment fee (ranging from $5-$10) from applicants?? The pay-it-forward system is now so sustainable that it is no longer necessary. Applicants receive totally free services and aftercare kits! AMAZING!!! THANKS TO THOSE WHO GIVE!!
babewax.net WaxFund We have a total of 30 pay-it-forward clients so far for this round. Help us reach our goal of 45 before the 15th of July and book a WaxFund menu service or give online. Www.babewax.net/waxfund babewax.net A trans friendly waxing salon in Portland, Oregon.
[06/16/17]   In the last thirty days over $700 was given to WaxFund on pay-it-forward appointments alone... wow! Thank you to all the sustaining givers!! Can't wait to start contacting the recipients.
[05/15/17]   We are now offering bus passes for those coming for WaxFund services. Please feel free to give us suggestions on other ways to make this service more accessible to our applicants
pdxmonthly.com A Local Waxing Salon Is Raising Funds to Help Transgender Portlanders YAY! pdxmonthly.com Babe Wax’s WaxFund program provides gender-affirming waxing services to low-income transwomen and trans-feminine folks.
docs.google.com WaxFund Application to Receive Services Choosing our next round of applicants by the 15th! Please share so all trans women and feminine people in need can have a chance at receiving services. Also consider giving to the fund at www.babewax.net/waxfund docs.google.com WaxFund is a pay-it-forward program by Babe Wax to help fund waxing services for low-income trans women and trans feminine people in the Portland area. Depending on the amount of funds received each month will determine how many applicants will be able to receive services. Applicants will be put in…
[03/02/17]   Consider giving to WaxFund as an act of resistance! Show your support for the trans community. All proceeds go directly to funding services for trans women and trans feminine people in the Portland area. www.babewax.net/waxfund
"I'm so thankful WaxFund exists, it's an incredibly generous service and Mads was amazing to work with. It felt really great to be so well taken care of and to find myself much more comfortable and confident in my body after waxing. I'm really grateful to have had this experience - the only problem is now that I know how wonderful it feels, I'm going to have to find a way to do it more often!" - Danielle. Give to the WaxFund and allow more folks to access these services more often! www.babewax.net/waxfund
wwww.babewax.net So excited to announce that in 3 months, WaxFund has allowed all who applied to be offered services!! Which means we need more applicants. Please help spread the word by sharing this post and asking all low-income trans feminine and trans women you know to access this fund by going to wwww.babewax.net/waxfund and scrolling to the bottom, then clicking "apply for WaxFund". Printed applications available upon request. wwww.babewax.net
[11/19/16]   Selecting the next round of applicants on Tuesday the 22nd. Get in your application or pay it forward! www.babewax.net/waxfund
www.babewax.net WaxFund It is now more important than ever to show support for communities who will be greatly affected by the change in office next year. With the repeal of Obama Care, thousands of trans folks can lose the life-saving health care they now receive in Oregon. Show trans women and trans feminine people that you care about their well-being and survival and buy a wax. 100% donated goes to funding a service. www.babewax.net/waxfund www.babewax.net WaxFund is a pay-it-forward system of funding waxing services for low-income trans women and trans feminine people in the Portland area. To learn more check out this blog post!
[11/05/16]   Making donation jars to have at your place of business or at your event. Please contact us if you would like a jar!
Last month we funded three people's waxes. This month we were able to fund five! That's amazing! These funds were raised by events in the queer community, artist's donating their work, and clients of Babe Wax paying it forward. #communitycash #waxfund #communitygiving
babewax.net WaxFund Last day to give or apply for this month's round of applicants! Will be selecting folks this evenjng about 6pm. Follow this link to give or Apply to receive services! www.babewax.net/waxfund babewax.net WaxFund is a pay-it-forward system of funding waxing services for low-income trans women and trans feminine people in the Portland area. To learn more check out this blog post!
babewax.net WaxFund Only a few more days before we draw another round of applicants! Please consider giving so maximum amount of folks can receive services. And apply if you want a chance to be selected for waxes! babewax.net WaxFund is a pay-it-forward system of funding waxing services for low-income trans women and trans feminine people in the Portland area. To learn more check out this blog post!
Awesome new post cards to spread the word! Let us know if you want a stack!
The community raised $131 for WaxFund last night at a drag King performance where two performers donated their tips. THANK YOU!!! #communitycash
babewax.net What inspired WaxFund? Plus... Updates! Mads gives us the update! babewax.net Hello everyone! I have been working away at launching WaxFund for the past few months. I had our official "soft launch" about a month ago and have been able to raise a good amount of funds and obtain several applications. Our first round of WaxFund clients have been randomly selected and have starte...
Crystal necklaces available for purchase at Babe Wax. One hundred percent goes to WaxFund!!! $20 a piece. Pink aura quartz left.
Atwood Made has donated these three shelves to be sold for WaxFund! Discounted price at $25 a piece. Get a shelf and support trans folks in the Portland area! Comment below if you're interested or message us!
"I'm Cadence Stark. I'm a trans-femme fatale and a born and raised Portlander. For me, being able to maintain a certain look helps reinforce my identity; this can be immensely difficult on a limited budget.
An organization like WaxFund helps people like me feel confident (and sometimes safer) out in the world. Everyone should be able to feel beautiful, no matter how they define that for themselves; WaxFund helps more of us do so."
Cadence is one of our first applicants to receive services through WaxFund. Help others access this fund. Find out more at www.babewax.net/waxfund
THANK YOU to all who made it possible for us to serve a total of THREE applicants this month! Please continue to spread the word and to pay-it-forward. We have new applicants every week and anything you can give is much appreciated. Find out more www.babewax.net/waxfund/
Babe Wax A new way to pay-it-forward! Announcing our new WaxFund menu where pay-it-forward prices (funding waxes for low-income trans women/feminine people) are included in your wax. Next time you book an appointment online, you will have the choice of choosing from the WaxFund Waxing menu and the regular Waxing menu. Try it now by going to styleseat.com/babewax!


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