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[06/19/20]   WE’RE BACK!!!!
Lots of adjustments to our regular routine but all worth it !!!
Beth & Simon
[06/12/20]   Well.... I’m sure most have now heard that Multnomah Co. will NOT be reopening tomorrow,June 12th. Simon and I have been in the studio getting things top notch for a safe and sanitary reopening ! We’re soooo ready to reunite with you all 1 client at a time !!!
At this point I will not be scheduling any appointments until I know for sure, when we’ll be able to open again !
I am completely exasperated and bummed that this has gone on soooo long but I suppose the extension is happening for the right reasons. However, It would’ve been nice to know this decision earlier in the day so that myself along with hundreds of other businesses could’ve planned accordingly!!!
Please continue to stay safe , wear a mask and a hat if necessary 😜.
I deeply apologize to those that are being cancelled on AGAIN and to those who could be potentially be cancelled . I’ll reach out when I have a solid date .
Miss you all !!!
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[05/28/20]   I knew I’d forget something !!! 🙄
There will no longer be a “ Walk in Wednesday”. Everything needs to be by appointment for an undisclosed amount of time .
This has always been my “thang” my cheesy gimmick since I opened my doors 13 years ago so it’s a bummer that it has to go away for now ..... it will be back!
[05/28/20]   Hi everyone!! Damn I miss your faces🥰!!!
Well Multnomah Co. is shooting for a 6/12 reopening date!
This is great news however nothing is carved in stone at this point!
I will be reaching out to get you all rescheduled if you don’t already have something on the books !
Through soooo much thought I feel the fairest way to reschedule folks would be to start with those who have gone the longest without any “hair love “ 💜
It’s going to take a hot minute to catch everyone up but I’ll make sure your feelin like yourself again ASAP!!!
A few notes to remember when coming to your appointment....
1) please wear your mask ! We will have back-up if you don’t have one 😁
2) If you have had ANY signs or symptoms of illness within 14 days of your appointment,no matter what .... reschedule your appointment for a later date !!!!!!

3) Remain in you car or outside until we text you to come in. We have new requirements to preform before and after every client so we’ll need a few extra minutes to do it the way it needs to be done!
4) Please wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before your service begins.
5) We can only have 1 client each in the studio at a time so please do not bring friends or family to your appointment.
I’m sure there will be more to share to keep you all in the loop. I’ll share it with you all as soon as I know anything new !
Thank you for being the best clients EVER!!!
Beth & Simon
Studio B ♥️
[05/12/20]   Hey everyone ! Ya'll hanging in there!?
Well we just wanted to check in and let you all know that we're as anxious to get back and take care of those overgrown hairs as you are to have them taken care of !!!
I wish we had a better idea of when we'll get to open up again but unfortunately we dont😕.
The process of getting Multnomah County ready for Phase 1 is an extensive process and until its ready and approved to move forward we have to remain patiently closed , which is waaaay easier said than done!!!
Upon Studio B's reopening please know that we will have a whole new norm to adapt to ie: masks , contact information, not being able to be in the studio until notified to come in etc..
We'll keep you all posted with detailed guidelines as a reopening date is clearer.
The ABSOLUTE MOST IMPORTANT part of this to us is YOUR SAFETY! Simon and I, Beth have family like relationships with you all and plan to do everything to the fullest extent to keep you safe while in the studio!
Feel free to reach out with any questions !
Beth & Simon
Studio B
[04/01/20]   Hey everyone!! By now we’re all beginning to get a bit beside ourselves . Not being able to maintain our usual schedule and going about our lives the way we’re comfortable with is definitely another challenge we forced to accept ! Ya know what ...we are ALL EXCEPTING this challenge like the BADASS BOSSES we are!!!
Seeing , reading and hearing all of the support pouring out to our family ,friends and people we don’t even know on the Front lines of our Medical industry and food industry is freaking amazing ! I can’t even begin to to express how much love my heart feels from the amount of concern and support I’ve personally received from my family and friends /clients - AKA my extended family !
Please know that I’m here for you all as well! When we get to return to what will seem like yet another “new Norm “ we’ll definitely look back on this experience and admire our growth in compassion, patience and perseverance! Hopefully we all come out of this as far Better humans then were before ! .... and with new ideas for your new look!!!! 😁 We can’t wait to see all your beautiful faces again!!!
Studio B Hair Design 💜
Beth and Simon
[03/17/20]   Amazing Studio B clientele,

I hope the outbreak isn’t impacting you and your family too much. Lately, at Studio B, we’ve been working hard on how we could provide a safe environment for our clients. We ensure a high standard of cleanliness, but we can’t ensure other clients coming in are “virus-free”. We really want to ensure the safety of every guests and their family. I will let you decide if you rather want to keep the appointment or reschedule.
Thank you for your patience, commitment,and loyalty! You’re truly the best clients/ family ever!!!💜💜💜 Expect To See A Lot Of People With ‘Christmas Tree Hair’ This Holiday Season Happy FriYay Friends! What do you think of this idea? This is the holiday beauty trend you didn't ask to see but will be everywhere this holiday season.
Studio B Hair Design
Makeover Monday!!! ❤️
Love it when we get front row for the Parade !!!
Always open to change it up!❤️💕thanks for keeping it fun @Jennifer Lafray-Brown
[04/24/18]   Hey everyone😁
As most of you know Burak is retiring at the end of May! Of course we all are going to miss his regular charismatic presence in our Studio B home, however when we’re done wiping away our tears , we’ll be left with an open & available station June 1st. We can’t have that! Mind you , we’re not lookin to replace him but to continue to grow as a trio in new directions with new talent!
So if any of you have a friend , friend of a friend, acquaintance or accomplice and you think they’d be a great fit , send them our way !
Feel free to private message me for contact info that’s not posted to our page!
Thanks friends!!😘
Studio B Hair Design
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A little throwback. Happy Valentine's Day Loves! XOX A little throwback! Happy Valentine's Day All! XOXO
[01/10/17]   Hi everyone! Although it's been posted in the studio, I wanted to send a reminder that I will NOT be available for Walk in Wednesday, tomorrow 1/11 😁
I APOLOGIZE for any inconvenience!!!
Winter storm at studio B ❄️️
Beautiful "bronde" with soft Balayage highlights!
Timeline Photos
Wow~ 10 years today!!!!
🎉Happy Birthday Studio B! Time flys when you're having fun!!!❤️
Love !❤️that smile says it all!!
Studio B Hair Design
Have a fun and safe holiday!
Thank you for allowing me to be part of your amazing wedding ❤️
It's Parade day in HW!
Thank you to all those who paid the ultimate price and to their families left behind.
Timeline Photos
Beautiful ice silver grey at studio B by burak :)
Studio B Hair Design's cover photo
Be Safe Everyone! We want to see you Next Year!
Here are a few more from the fun night!
[10/12/15]   Here are a few more from the fun night!
[10/12/15]   Here are a few more from the fun night!
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