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Lash and mask look on point! No makeup necessary 💫
All you need is lashes...and love, but mostly lashes 😜
Her mask says it all!
It’s November in 4 days 😱 Time to be thankful for lashes...amongst other things.
Privileged to lash this kween, @lashkweenpdx 👑
Rai of Beauty
Maskne: acne or other skin irritation that results from wearing a mask
Light volume lashes so you can hit the ground running while looking effortlessly refreshed 🧡
Natural mascara look minus the mascara 🧡
Lash extensions mean no more raccoon eyes, no more face contortions while applying mascara, and most definitely mean the ‘I woke up like this!’ look 🧡

Naps are included in the making of this look!
Rai of Beauty's cover photo
When your mask hides your face, accentuate your eyes with lashes! Warmer weather is here and your makeup will just wear off underneath your mask. But lashes...they make your mask look good!
So as scary as the first couple of weeks were with all the uncertainty looming, I’ve really come to appreciate this down time. Yes, I am desperately missing lashing and waxing and getting to chat with all my clients, but this time has been a gift to reconnect with myself. I’ve established a great routine of working out and then walking @aja.american.bulldog (yes, she has her own Instagram lol) that has brought me a lot of peace in these crazy times. What has brought you comfort and positivity over the last several weeks?
This is a directory of local small businesses offering gift cards and crowdfunding campaigns. If you are in a position to help one of them out, that would be fantastic! If you know of a small business that should be included, you can add them on the website 😊

#floatsmallbusiness #toosmalltofail #therealbailout
Even though I had already closed my studio earlier last week, I had planned to be open again by April 1st. That is now on hold until further notice. I will still be in close communication with all of you and can’t wait to catch up after this passes! Much love to all 🧡
HUGE thank you to my clients for all the discussions we have had about this craziness these past several days. Your trust in my sanitation practices means the world to me 🧡

As we all continue to work towards flattening the curve, please note that cancellation fees will not apply should you feel unwell and need to reschedule. If I am feeling ill, I will let you know ASAP and reschedule your appointment. If rescheduling a lash appointment means that you will need a full set, I will only charge the price of a fill.
Lash studio vibes 🧡
Mother-fluffin hybrid love!
Foaming lash cleansers are back in!

But why do you need this?

Because clean lashes not only help you have better retention, but also help you avoid blepharitis (Symptoms include red, itchy eyelids that may look greasy and crusted. Dry eyes are also a symptom.).
This was a gift the other night. Quick break in between clients and I was able to watch the sun set while having a moment to breathe and reflect on the last several months.

It’s been a dark several months since surgery. I have had to come to terms with the fact that I will not be able to do CrossFit again. Running, my other outlet, has not been going smoothly for me. And I have basically had to re-learn how to lash. I wasn’t sure that I was going to be able to improve. My shoulder was already torn when I first trained to do lashes. And I had muscles that did not fire properly and other muscles that were overcompensating. So when I came back, it was a whole new thing. Those muscles had started to fire correctly, the other muscles were learning how to calm the f**k down for the first time in almost 6 years, and all of a sudden, what had worked for me before, no longer did. My grip on my tweezers has changed, my body positioning is different due to having new strength in my shoulder and back...it’s been a
whole new learning curve. There have been a lot of tears, a lot of questioning if the surgery worth it?

After 5 1/2 months, I can finally say it was worth it. And the world seems to be brighter for me again. My running has started to smooth out, I’ve been released to start doing Yin yoga, and I’m finally comfortable holding my tweezers again.

Huge shoutout to @lashkweenpdx and my physical therapist for being absolute rocks for me!! Much ♥️ to you both!!

#pdxlashes #pdxlashartist #pdxlashextensions #portlandlashes #portlandlashartist #portlandlashextensions
Started this bride with classics and then began to add volume fans for her big day. Final result was stunning!
Volume obsessed these days!
The right amount of extra in these hybrids 🧡
This little guy is my shoulders saving grace when I have to lie down so he gets to go with me to my lash fills 😂 Let’s face it, 2019 was the year of the shoulder for me. And unfortunately not in a lot of positive ways. Having said that, I’m beginning to tell a difference, for the better, in my work due to the new strength and range of motion I have gained since surgery. So 2020 might be another year of the shoulder for me, but only the highs and none of the lows!! Thank you to all my wonderful
clients for sticking it out with me on this crazy ride! Thank you to all the amazing friends who were my champions to keep my spirits up! I love you all 🧡
#heresto2020 #pdxlashartist #portlandlashartist
The creativity of lashing is a true joy for me!
Who’s ready for their lash nap?!
Obsessing over hand creating fans to achieve a fuller yet still natural look 🧡
Who can resist the fluff?!
From now through the end of December, schedule a set of Volume Lash Extensions plus a 2 week fill for $175!

Holiday special!
Set of Classic Lashes + 2 week fill for $125
(50% savings! )
Book now at: http://www.raiofbeauty.com/eyelash-extension-holiday-special/
Lash lift by Lash Bomb! So natural and eye opening 🧡
Lashed for the holidays!
PSA: being lashed is highly addictive 🧡
Loving the versatility of volume lashes! So much fun to create different looks with!

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