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NEW! Oribe triple milled bars and liquid hand soaps. They are amazing! #clean #soap #notbasic #luxury #gift
Beautiful cut and color by @tamaraoranjstudio #blonde #longhair #holidays #portland #bestsalon
We are open!
us3.campaign-archive.com Oranj Studio : R+Co Merry Makers + our weekly openings R+Co Merry makers + our weekly openings

https://us3.campaign-archive.com/?e=__test_email__&u=283ab646881375634750da099&id=486463a8e9 us3.campaign-archive.com Get ahead of your holiday gifts with R+Co seasonal gift bags order to your door.
us3.campaign-archive.com Oranj Studio : We (Heart) Barcelona + our weekly openings We (heart) Barcelona + our weekly openings.

https://us3.campaign-archive.com/?e=75f2442993&u=283ab646881375634750da099&id=f9fa8314de us3.campaign-archive.com New jewelry from Beatriz Babres of Barcelona.
mailchi.mp Oranj Studio : Thank you Portland + our weekly openings Thank you Portland + our weekly openings for Oct 27-31

https://mailchi.mp/b12b364c4d75/oranj-studio-shiny-new-things-our-weekly-openings-4061297 mailchi.mp Lets give back to our beautiful city
Thank you everyone coming to Tara Centybear’s artist opening! Way to keep it safe! Checkout out the artist’s Instagram for more... @centybearstudios
TONIGHT! Meet next door at Frank Wibe Bar. We have reserved tables with complementary wine. We’ll come down it get groups of 5-10 to enter the exhibit.

Face mask required and social distance observed please!
The new exhibit by artist @centybearstudios is amazing! Opening reception is Sunday, October 18th from 5 - 7p. #women #persisters #art #portland
@mikeyoranjstudio getting precise. ⚡️⚡️⚡️ #hair #stylist #cutting #portland #newdo #salon #southwaterfront
mailchi.mp Oranj Studio : Treat yourself + our weekly openings Treat yourself + our weekly openings

https://mailchi.mp/bb1bb4bf1519/oranj-studio-shiny-new-things-our-weekly-openings-4046413?e=776d721dba mailchi.mp Destress and bath your hair a luxurious renewal treatment from Oribe
The new exhibit has officially started! Tara Centybear’s show titled ‘Persisters’ is now on view till the end of the year.
@centybearstudios #art #women #portland #painting #persisters
Amita Moticka PDX POP UP!! 3 days only Nov 10, 11, 13. 🧡 @amita_hair #portland #popup #salon #beststylist
mailchi.mp Oranj Studio : Amita Moticka PDX Pop up + our weekly openings Amita Moticka PDX Pop-UP dates + our weekly openings

https://mailchi.mp/7170d14fc12e/oranj-studio-shiny-new-things-our-weekly-openings-4040649?e=49cf2a4f84 mailchi.mp Amita is in Portland for 3 days only!
mailchi.mp Oranj Studio : New artist Tara Centybear + our weekly openings New artist Tara Centybear + our weekly openings


Tamara: 3:30pm Haircut, 4:30pm Haircut
Steven: 10:00am Highlight + Haircut, 4:30pm Haircut
Mikey: 10:00am Haircut, 11:30am Haircut, 1:00pm Haircut, 2:30pm Haircut, 4:00pm Haircut

Tamara: 12:00pm Base retouch
Steven:10:00am Haircut, 11:10am Haircut, 2:00pm Base retouch + Haircut
Mikey: 2:00pm Haircut, 3:30pm Haircut


Tamara: 11:00am Haircut, 2:30pm Haircut
Steven: 2:40pm Haircut, 4:00pm Haircut, 5:00pm Haircut
Mikey: 1:00pm Haircut, 2:30pm Haircut, 4:00pm Haircut

Tamara: 9:00am Haircut, 10:00am Highlight + Haircut, 1:30pm Haircut, 2:30pm Base retouch + Haircut
Steven: 10:00am Base retouch + Haircut, 2:10pm Base retouch + Haircut
Laura: 10:40am Balayage + Haircut, 3:30pm Haircut
Mikey: 10:00am Haircut, 11:30am Haircut, 3:30pm Haircut mailchi.mp Our last exhibit for the year!
mailchi.mp Oranj Studio : Fall playlist is here + our weekly openings Fall playlist is here + our weekly openings (9/15-9/19)

https://mailchi.mp/493fa8e9f914/oranj-studio-shiny-new-things-our-weekly-openings-4030145 mailchi.mp Hear what we have been listening too lately on Spotify...
We have a 5 star Covid Clean rating on Vagaro! Our team is amazing and have worked hard to keep clients safe while delivering our signature experience. #safetyfirst #covidclean #clientexperience #newnormal #bestsalon #portland
This space station is fully operational. #usetheforce #rebel #salon #portland
Nothing like your BSF! //@lauraoranjstudio - #beststylistfriend #portland #client #love
#clientselfie @lauraoranjstudio rocks this!! Thank you to all the clients posting selfies. We 🧡 it!!!!
@amita_hair we miss you! Pop up dates are getting finalized! For now we can be reminded what am awesome stylist, woman and boss she is!!!🧡🧡🧡 @chileanmama looks amazing!!
#clientselfie love.love.love @emilyterease
Awesome participation team! And way to keep it safe. The new artist opening normal. @ Oranj Studio
Artist opening tonight 5-7p and check below for next weeks openings.
Artist opening tonight + our weekly openings.

Bethany Gosvener

Tonight 5-7p At Oranj Studio


Tamara: 11:10amHaircut, 2:10pm Base retouch
Mikey: 10:00am Mens cut, 1:30pm Mens cut, 3:00pm Mens cut, 4:30pm Mens cut

Tamara: 1:10pm Highlight


Mikey: 10:00am Mens cut, 11:30am Mens cut, 1:30pm Mens cut, 3:00pm Mens cut,
4:30pm Mens cut

Steven: 9:00am Base retouch, 12:40pm Highlight + Haircut
Laura: 9:00am Highlight + Haircut, 3:00pm Haircut
Mikey: 10:00am Mens cut, 11:30am Mens cut, 1:00pm Mens Cut, 3:00pm Mens cut
Before + After by Laura. ⚡️⚡️ @lauraoranjstudio @ OMSI
Freedom on the march. #mlk #freedom #ihaveadream
Happy National Dog Day to @captain_finley !
So excited to finally open Bethany’s exhibit to everyone! #backinthesaddle #feelssoright #art #portland
Tomorrow! Artist opening for Bethany Gosvener from 5-7p. Meet next door at Frank Wine Bar. The artists will be taking groups of 5-10 people through the show at a time.
Captain says hello! He can’t wait to lap surf again soon at the salon. #dogsofinstagram #salonlife #blueeye
Everyday MAJIC happing at Oranj Studio #wegotthis #youarenotalone #hairtherapy #makemajic #love #portland #salon
We are so happy to be back in the Salon!! Its been so wonderful to see everyone and be back to almost normal! To those who haven't been in yet, there are some changes happening! You may notice a Covid-Fee has been added to your service. This is a small $10 fee to help us cover the cost of all extra supplies and additional time needed for services. To view a more detailed list of our Cover protocols please visit our website oranjstudio.com

We look forward to having you back in our chair!!
We will be doing a series of ‘micro-openings’ in August for Bethany Gosvener’s show. Want to attend?? DM us or email [email protected]
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