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Ash brown. When you have dark hair this is a little bit harder to achieve then anything neutral or warm. If you dont want it to fade out to brass you have to lift slightly past the orange stage and then tone it down to the level you want it to be. The only way I have been able to achieve that amount of lift in one session on this dark of hair is to do really small pieces in foils. I have never been able to hand paint this dark of hair and achieve anything lighter then a medium brown. I ALWAYS use foil for this so that I can have more control. If you want hand painted balayage I am not your girl....too stressful for me. Its unpredicatable when trying to go more then 2 levels lighter.
Winter hair tips!
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Being happy....
I’m 38 and I’m just starting to really discover what makes me happy. I’ve listened to what other people say happiness is and adapted to that. Everyone has different wants and needs and it’s hard to really know what YOU want. I think I’m getting there. Being a enneagram type 3 I sometimes lose focus on who I am as well. Lose myself in trying to make everyone else love me. I am realizing I don’t want everyone to love “fake” me. I want people to just love me for me. That includes clients. I know what I love. I Loooooovvvveee long hair. I love beach color that looks like it happened by accident. Blended hair that flows naturally. Natural products that keep me and my clients safe. Above all, healthy hair. Shiny, clean, healthy, and natural. Hair extensions that allow you to grow your hair and not damage it. You get the picture, I grew up by the beach. Sometimes I pretend I still do. At least when it comes to hair.
Are you washing your hair too often? It makes a difference. Check this post out for more info and dm me with any questions!
When you use hair products you breathe in more chemicals then you think. If you have styling products that are full of fillers and chemicals,when you hit them with heat, they turn into fumes. That’s why I brought on @surfacehairhealth products. They are 100% natural and safe. You can breathe it in all day as a stylist and not have to worry. They smell amazing and don’t build up on the hair. But most importantly they are cruelty free and organic. Just because the bottle say natural does not mean it’s natural! And a lot of these “natural” products either have a lot of fillers or they don’t work at all. Chemicallly treated and heat treated hair needs something that works....this is the only all natural product line that is safe and works!
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We are still open!
Photos from KOA Beauty's post
Photos from KOA Beauty's post
Yep I ran away. Just for the week but I am taking a break. When you have so many different types of clients you wanna make sure that you are respectful to everyone and make everyone feel loved and heard. Juggling everyone’s emotions as well as your own is a very difficult balance. I like to be more lighthearted and I joke a lot so it was just easier to take this time off to reflect. I take my job pretty seriously and if I’m distracted or my mind is off it shows in my work. Next week I will come back refreshed and centered and ready to do some beautiful hair. Everyone is different and everyone has different needs. Listen to what you need. Give yourself that, no matter what other people think. They aren’t the ones living your life, you are.
Its important as a stylist to continue to reintroduce yourself. This way no matter how new someone is to your page they get to know you a little better. I mostly show up in my stories because they only last for 24 hours. I am a bit more casual with those post. So here it is...
Hi my name is Kristina. Some people call me Kris. I love my cats and my wonderful husband. I ran a dance company for over a decade. Seems like ancient history. I live to travel. My husband and I like to explore as much as possible. We travel every time we get the chance to. The ocean makes my soul happy. A little corny to say but it does. Traveling to places, especially tropical ones, centers me and makes me whole. I 1000% agree with these words.....
"Fill your life with experiences, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show."
I’ve been trying to wear more hats lately to save my hair from extra styling. Here’s some great tips I picked up for making hat hair cute!

To show how thankful we are for YOU, our beautiful clients, we are giving away some of our favorite products!

One Winner will receive a bag of UNITE Boosta Volumizing Shampoo, Boosta Conditioner and Boosta Volumizing Spray

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Fighting frizz and making hair healthier.....swipe through for how to! Dm me for any questions about Brazilian Blowout keratin treatments and split end dealers!
We had a little color correction fun yesterday. We had some brassy gold tones and no depth through her ends. I added chunky lowlights through her ends excluding her face frame. Then I did a 3 zone color melt to tone all of the unwanted warmth and blend out lines. Since this is going to grow out so seamlessly she will not need to come back in for 12-14+ weeks.
Had to dig deep in the archives for this one. Wayyyyy back when I was doing a lot of vivids and fashion tones. Now that shades eq has some soft fashion tone glosses I will for sure do these kinds of colors on anyone who is already going blonde. As long as a client knows that any powdery light pastels will fade super fast....I’m in. I think that we need to educate our clients that these colors are super high maintenance and require a lot more care at home. Also, to get any fashion tone to be true to its color you need to be almost platinum first...yep...platinum. So when you are dark like I am, you are gonna have to sacrifice some hair health and length for this. Unfair I know.....but true. The cheating way? Extensions! You can root the pastel extensions with your natural and have a beautiful pastel balayage damage free!
@elizdinh looking gorgeous with her lived in locks. We have since cut her hair a little shorter but Liz can wear any length and color and look beautiful! A lot of clients have been asking me what’s in for fall when it comes to hair. I say.....warmth. We are finally embracing warmth! After a few years of the silver and ash trend taking over we are finally getting back to the time where people weren’t scared of a little gold or red. Not everyone looks great in super warm colors but rich neutrals are also making a comeback. So if you are used to ashy or matte maybe think of switching it up for the season with some neutral tones!
Do you ever feel like you take two steps forward and one step back? Frustrating...I know. As a salon owner you do this constantly. Once u think you have it all together then BAM! There’s another challenge to overcome. The bad news, it doesn’t stop. There’s always things we can do better. There’s always unforeseen problems that arise. Any minute you can be forced to change. The good news....we can learn to adapt. We can learn to roll with the punches. We become stronger and smarter. You can learn from EVERYTHING. And that is valuable. I truly believe that I have learn more from my failures then my wins. I’ve learned to be a boss and not a victim. Sh*t happens...deal with it....move forward. It’s the only direction go.
Lived in color.... babylights+foiliage. I always seem to hit a home run when I do babylights then foiliage the ends. It creates such a seamless blend with the melty affect. If you want to have a easier growout that’s looks more natural this is the service you need. Your stylist can customize this any way your part sits or where your hairline curves. I never use the same exact placement for every client. Always customized for each individual but I defiantly have a favorite technique!
Throwback to when we made @ellie_nicole__ more of a lived in color. I love her blonde and I love her lived in. She can rock any style and color. This was one of my faves. Something like this will give you bright blonde but still be easy to grow out. My fave....lived in bright blonde! The blonde you want without the high maintenance you don’t want!
There they are. I’ll say it again, ponytail proof. Hidden beaded rows not only wear comfortably they can be pulled up right after they are done. This means no pulling or breakage. As long as you brush and get your move ups on time you should see no bald spots, redness or shedding. These tracks can be customized down to hair that is pretty thin. I would switch to keratin fusion for hair that is super fragile but most clients are candidates for beaded rows. When you can’t see any beads or stitching you know it’s a good set! Go to my website www.koawildlux.com and click on my intro pdf to get all the pricing and info you need!
Warm fall tones 🍁 🍂 It has begun. If anyone wants to know ,color wise ,what I think this seasons color trend is,this is it. That lived in, warm, rich and vibrant tones. Not everyone can handle this much warmth against their skin. In that case I would take them neutral. I feel like the colors of fall are too beautiful not to put into the hair. We double glossed this color. Layers of toner or gloss will give you a slightly longer hold and being able to add some warmth in the color helps it to reflect the light and look even more shiny!
Education.....✨⭐️ usually I like to travel and get my education in person. Up close and personal with the educators. 2020 has not allowed me to do that so I have been doing TONS of online education. I do not like it as much as @kevinchristopherhair and I getting to go somewhere and get inspired but it will have to do. Sometimes mannequin heads have the worst hair so they are pretty good to practice on. I have still been able to be inspired by all of the talent in our industry. There are so much classes to choose from and if you do not wanna go broke you need to be picky. I tend to lean towards the educators that give out a lot of tips and tricks online for free because I can always tell if they will be a good teacher in a actual paid class. These online classes can range between 400-1000$. So during quarantine when you saw all those stylist taking online classes, give [email protected] props. We were making 0$ and still spending the money and time we had to make ourselves better for our clients when we finally got to see them. I’m so thankful for that because I feel like I came back a better stylist then before. Not to mention and more balanced stylist when it comes to time management!
I need help! At koa we are still taking it pretty slow but we need a assistant. It’s so much easier for me to focus on my work when I don’t have to do some of the small things. Juggling being a owner and a stylist is hard sometimes and I miss having a assistant! We only need a assistant Tuesday-Thursday 11-4. Dm me for more details!

Brightened and softened. For some reason the blonde was lighter in person then the picture but you totally get the idea. Bright blonde with a lived in base....this way she can grow out easy without sacrificing her brightness. Naturally our hair is slightly lighter in the ends. If someone lives in a sunnier place their hair will naturally do this. Combine sun with saltwater you naturally get a balayage...in Oregon we don’t have that luxury....so we fake it! @take_me_to_vienna
Sometimes I make my clients flip around their hair so I can get a good action shot. @jleybird did not disappoint! Look at her smile right through that cute mask! I love stars so when she walked in with that mask I was like....oh this is gonna be a good day. We added 1 row of hidden beaded rows for fullness and deepened her hair for fall. We added more ash tones in her hair to keep if from getting so brassy.
That keratin bond life!
This was only 5 bundles of hair! Usually I can’t get this much of a blend with 5 bundles but luckily we didn’t have to cut any of her length because the blend was amazing. 5 bundles of ktips will give me a full head of extensions but 1. I have thin hair and 2. I have a small head.... if you have thicker hair or shorter then this beautiful lady....you may need at least 6. Love that she decided to go with the darker color that will last her so much longer. I always say “ you wanna be high maintenance to be low maintenance.....”.
Oh hey. It’s me, it’s actually me. Haven’t showed my face on the gram for a bit so I thought I would re-introduce myself. My name Kristina but some people call me Kris. I’m a stylist and salon owner in Portland. I have been behind the chair 20 years. Yikes. In the past few years I’ve really been able to dive deep into what I do, what my vibe is, and who I am as a stylist. We evolve all the time and who we are today is not the same as who we were even a year ago. I have refined what I do and found the ways that I love to color and do extensions. I’ve taken what I’ve learned from the insane amount of online education I took during quarentine and the experiments on my mannequin heads and really got a chance to rethink the way I look at hair and the business in general. I was able to simplify the service menu and make things easier on my clients. Quarentine gave me the opportunity to reflect for more then 20 seconds and give this really some thought. I’m excited to finally get out of my own head and move forward. I’m moving back to a salon life that I love. That is exciting!
You would never know she had extensions! This is one of my first sets of fusions when I came back from getting certified in great lengths. I have to say I’m pretty proud of it still. Seamless color matching and clean bonds❤️ the more and more I work with fusion extensions the more I love them. At least now I can get through a head of them faster. Thank you to all the clients who came to me in the beginning. It was a slow moving train but we still got there❤️
When your client hasn’t been in since before quarantine you get to have some fun! We have been transitioning her out of a super plum burgundy red and trying to get lighter without having a major grow out. I added some foiliage light pieces, a glossy mid tone in lowlights, covered her greys, tones out the brass, then we sealed everything at the very end. This was a longer appointment but totally worth it! Although I work pretty fast I am recommending to a lot of my clients to book longer color services. Doing this will give us time to properly tone and seal any dimension we put in so it last at the very least 12 weeks. This basic color services will just not do anymore! Check out her before!
A full head of fine bonds will last you 3-6 months depending on thickness and care. Keratin bonds are hands down the lowest maintenance extensions. No move ups, no visits in between unless u are getting color. All u need to do to keep them at their best....brush! Brush 2-3 times a day to keep them from tangling together. That’s it. Get all the length and thickness customized perfectly to your own hair. Add as much or as little as you want. Use 1 pack to fill in thin sides or 5-7 packs to lengthen and thicken your entire head!
We have pretty much lost our summer between all the smoke, pandemics, riots.... hopefully we can all change for the better from this. I know I have. Still being inspired by everyone and everything around me. This weekend we escaped the smoke to Washington and it was exactly what I needed to be able to breathe and reflect. Can I get a amen for taking time for yourself?! Messy undone hair, always my inspo.

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