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When I started blossom & beauty, it was a much simpler time. We live in this era of Instagram and Pinterest and showing this image of perfection. I've seen how much this has effected the wedding industry in recent years, creating an expectation that your BIG DAY has to be absolutely perfect and for for the imagery to reflect just that. I started doing wedding hair/Mua because I love to bring out my clients inner beauty and confidence so that they can shine on their wedding day in front of their closest loved ones. But with the emphasis on things looking 'just so' I think sometimes we can lose sight of realistic expectations. I hope that we can all keep the focus on soaking in the sweet moments of your wedding day, your friends/family and most importantly the person you’ve chosen to spend your life with. It’s not about this ONE day, it’s a marriage that you choose every day, for the rest of your lives. Also, what a lot of people don’t realize is most photos that you find on social media are created from Styled shoots, which is an all day event where wedding vendors come together and try to capture perfect moments and share the most aesthetically pleasing shots. While these photo are meant to inspire wedding day photography and looks, the reality is that your wedding day is not an all day photo shoot but is a day to celebrate love and the union of you and your partner. Just remember to have grace with all your wedding vendors, things may not go 110% according to plan but it’s how you respond to those imperfections that will make your day perfect.

Know that me and my stylists LOVE all of our brides and we are going to be there for you, to help keep you calm and to help you look/feel amazing on one of the most special of days of your life- I just wanted to share my thoughts as a small business owner, a woman who works day and night to make my clients and stylists happy, and last of all as a married woman who has built on the happy memories from my wedding day, and added in so many more wonderful and hard moments that make my marriage what it is. Thank you for letting me share this post from my heart- love you all!
Oregon Bride Magazine This shoot!🙌🏼 Old and new, edgy and elegant 🔸🔶🔸

Photos: Rosemary & Pine Photography | Bridal gown: a&bé bridal shop portland | Designer: For the Good Events | Florist: Wild Bee Floral | Hair and makeup: Blossom & Beauty | Rentals: The Party Place and Sperry Tents Oregon | Venue: The Evergreen
Trial run/wedding season is going to start and I am SO excited!!!!
2019! Some dates are blacked out for our team already! 😳 Be sure to book ASAP if you want to work with B&B 🥳
Is it wedding season yet 🙌🏼 Hair and makeup by Vicky!! 👑 📷 @takushagraphy
Queen Quinlyn 📷 Kyle Carnes Photography
Current mood! Thank you to all our amazing clients!! This year has been a dream. So grateful for each one of you and for our kick ass team!!❤️
Photo Hazelwood photo
This year... Wow! What an amazing, fulfilling 365 days. So many memories made, so much laughter and more friendships. Deepest, heartfelt THANK YOU to each bride and Blossom & Beauty team member. You ladies make my life so meaningful. I plan on disconnecting from social media for a week. I plan on spending time with family and putting together a vision board for next year, BIG BIG announcement in regards to B&B soon!
Love you all, deeply.
As a small business owner I work really hard to grow my business through many different outlets. I keep my website updated, seek out reviews from past brides, attend networking events and most importantly continue to provide the highest quality service I can to my brides. These things don’t cost money, but they take countless hours and a lot of hard work. One outlet we use is the free listing account with @yelp.
Over the past 7 years our team has been blessed with over 200 reviews from past clients. As of last month @yelp had 117 of those reviewed shown. If you look at our account now, they’ve removed over half of those legitimate reviews. Why you ask? No freaking clue! I decided to reach out to @yelp by email and after 3 emails and 3 weeks.... no response from them! Future brides deserve accurate information and reviews about our company and they are not getting the full story when looking at Yelp. I’m not gonna lie, I’m upset and hurt by these unethical actions being taken by Yelp. So what to do...... well I’d like to ask you all for help! 🙏🏼
If you’ve gotten a service with Blossom & Beauty anytime in the last 7 years I’d be forever grateful if you’d take 5 to 10 minutes out of your day and leave us a review. On Yelp? Heck no. We’d love for you to leave a review on our Google listing. They have much better practices when it comes to keeping all legitimate reviews. If you do a quick Google search for Blossom & Beauty you’ll see our account. You can click “Reviews” and then fill in how many stars you’d like to give and write a quick review. Thank you all for supporting my small business!😭🙏🏼❤️
Everyone around the world celebrates the union of love. What I love most about doing weddings is seeing and being involved in that experience. To see how each culture expresses their joy and honor bestowed on the couple, it’s amazing to see that no matter where you are in the world.. we all celebrate love!
Also, winner of the contest will be announced on my story tomorrow!!
📷 @jessicaheron_images hair&makeup by Ale!
Blossom & Beauty's cover photo
Today is the day! GIVEAWAY DAY 🔥🎉
To enter in on the contest please complete the following. Oh, did I mention that it’s for a FREE BRIDAL PACKAGE? $450 savings?!!!!’s a big one!😍 best of luck!!!
Please tag 3 people in a comment below. Then screen shot this post and share it on your instagram story, and finally fill out a contact form on our website! That’s it, letssss go!!!😘😘
Surround yourself around ladies who fix your crown when it’s crooked. Gah, loved this bride and this bridal party!! So many laughs and hugs were shared❤️
📸 @hazelwood_photo
💐 @lucysinformalflowers
Caitlin was my last bride of 2018! 😭 look how stunning she looks! We went for a classic vintage look. I’m utterly grateful for this moment in life, meeting and working with amazing, talented souls! 🙏🏼🙏🏼
@lenaigdelisleweddings 📷
bowtie video ❤️ Planning/Design/Floral

Silk Runner/Ribbon








Hair & Makeup




If you know me, you know I don’t fancy small talk to much, I honestly love doing H.MUA but what I love more is being able to learn about people and making new friends! I’m forever grateful because this career allows me to do just that. I’ve gotten to meet such amazing women over the years 😭❤️❤️
This is my favorite look as of lately ❤️

Photo by Avamariephotography.
Vintage waves for the win! Textured Romantic Updo Tutorial Be sure to watch and subscribe ❤️ Want to see the 6 minute version of this video with step-by-step voiceover? Join me on Patreon to watch the full tutorial.
So I bought some cute earrings this weekend and apparently already lost them! This is why I don’t do earrings 🤦🏻‍♀️
This photo reminded me of that lol isn’t she beautiful 😍 h/MUA by amazing Vicky
So many hairstyles, so little time ❤️
Hello perfection 🙋🏻‍♀️😍
Love this elegant look for Cassandra! H/MUA By amazing Vicky!
Stephanie So in love with this highlight! Hair & Makeup by Ale!:) Great news, Blossom & Beauty! Your incredible work has been highlighted in a featured wedding, and our brides are loving it up!
I’ve been so bad at posting on here! Here’s some hair and makeup I did on Taylor last week!❤️ be sure to check our Instagram page. I’m always updating that page with looks!!
This babe! @monicachristine_ honestly, forget my ring light or any artificial lighting for that matter. Natural light is so magical, really produces the best result😍 OBSESSED
As much as a love a simple/classic makeup look... I do jump for joy when my brides ask for a little more sparkle 💫or smokey. We went for all the Smokiness my friends. Also, is it just me or does this chicka look just like Eva Mendez?!!!!!!!😱😍😍😍
Just going to leave this here for you all to love on! 😍
Welp! Today’s shoot was soooo dreamy!!!!! Stay tuned!
Please, more requests for this look 😍
Okurrr 🐥 .
Officially one of my favorite looks of 2018! Such a @tonyastylist feel 🙌🏼
Hair=my first loveee
Trials runs this week 🙌🏼😍 🔥
Here’s to my blue eyed babes getting married this year! 🥂
The new year screams new takes on traditional hairstyles, and we could not be happier! A great example is a fresh perspective on the high princess bun. This style is particularly gorgeous when paired with a dress with a deep V neck, or with a floral and fairy tale inspired flowy gown. Soft and romantic styles are also trending for 2018. The French twist with a looseness to it is perfect for any bride that wants a hair style that is simple, elegant, and very reminiscent of Pride and Prejudice. Refining up-dos to make them more modest and downplayed speaks to the natural vibe that this upcoming wedding season is sending. For the braid lovers out there, this season pays homage to this hair style by making them long and intricately woven, or by incorporating them into the pulled back pieces of a half up and half down look. 💕
🌸 Just like the flower, your beauty will blossom.
📷 @sweetlifephoto.jake
Oh sunshine, you are my favorite! Oh and so are you @bayleedennis babe!
📷 @karraleighphoto 👗 @aandbe_bridalshop

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