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Hairstylist Unite
Giggle #repost #roottouchup

Finally, it looks like Multnomah County, home of yours truly, is getting the green-light for Friday June 19th. We know a lot of y'all are very anxious to get an appointment, and some of y'all need a little more time which is totally understandable. Rest assured safety for you and our stylists is our highest priority. We have been diligently adapting the salon and procedures to follow all of the governor’s orders for reopening.
Please see all our updates and direction via our Newsletter/Blog found on our website and/or your inbox. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Xoxo
We hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. As we begin to prepare to reopen, we want you to know it is extremely important to keep you and our team as safe as possible. As you have all probably experienced, businesses are operating with lots of safety precautions. We will be adhering to all mandates from the governor as well as some extras.

• All of our stylists have received Babercide Covid-19 certification for sanitation.
• Salon chairs are all 6ft apart.
• Magazines will no longer be available.
• Snacks and beverages will no longer be available.
• Salon has been deeply cleaned.
• All stations, counters, chairs and tools will be sanitized between every client.
• All stylists and clients will wash hands before service begins.
• All stylists and clients will wear masks.
• Clients will wait in their car and will be contacted by their stylist when they are ready.
• Only Stylists will be allowed to handle retail products. We will offer and coordinate curbside retail pick-ups. And you will still be able to order retail thru our website as well.
• There will be a Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk waiver to sign as well as an Covid-19 Health Questionnaire to be asked and signed, before your hair services starts. Feel free to visit our website, to become familiar with these forms.

Once we get all that out of the way, we can devote our talents to getting your hair back to beautiful and you to a feeling of being pampered. We will be reaching out by email and/or text. It would be a good time to go to your profile on Schedulicity to make sure your info is up to date. Please be patient, we have a lot of catching up to do and will also need extra time between appointments to follow safety protocols.

It will take some time to acclimate to the new routine, so hang in there with us. Now let's get some hair on the floor….. yay!!!
Dear Akemi Salon Clients 💕

✂️Yes- salons will reopen- at some point- it’s different for every county, state and every salon✂️

What can CLIENTS do, to help salons navigate a new 'normal' you ask?🤔

🀄️Know you were missed terribly and your stylists is grateful for your return 🙏🏻
🀄️Know safety measures were created for all involved.
🀄️Know the importance of coming **alone** as extra people in a salon compromises everyone.
🀄️Know your stylist cannot physically work 16 hour days 7 days a week, rest is essential for all..😴
🀄️Know your initial services will take more time. ⌚*Especially if you cut or colored your hair yourself 😳
🀄️Know that coming in sick *isn’t* an option
🀄️Know that rescheduling hundreds of clients will take time...🤔⌚
🀄️Know that when you arrive you will need to wait until your stylist gives you the go ahead before entering the building, having your cell phone handy in your car will help considerably.
🀄️Know that your stylist is thrilled to see you, and even though she/he may *want* or *need* a hug, your presence, is the best hug ever. 😷
🀄️Know that your health and the stylists health is the biggest concern
🀄️Know that your stylist may choose to open at a later date than the state your in has allowed, being respectful of that decision takes an unimaginable load off his/ her brain and heart.
🀄️Know your stylist has already lost thousands of 💵 💴 and has no desire to replace it with a ventilator for either of you, so plz be patient. ❤
🀄️Know that if your health is already high risk, you need to wait, your health is more important.
🀄️Know that your opinion of the entire situation won't change laws and rules necessary for everyone's safety so plz keep the conversation to hair and how we can make you beautiful ❤
🀄️Know that while trying to connect with your stylist, there are hundreds of others attempting the same thing, responses will be slow coming as your stylist is preparing everything and answering everyone simultaneously
🀄️Know, above all else, no one is more excited about your arrival than your stylist- help make it the best appointment ever!!!🙏❤🙏❤🙏

Together we can make this work safely for everyone💕
gofundme.com Help Akemi Salon During Covid-19 organized by Jaime Laurence Can you help Akemi Salon during the Covid-19 Crisis? gofundme.com With the Shelter-in-place order, Akemi Salon was forced to close until further notice.… Jaime Laurence needs your support for Help Akemi Salon During Covid-19
My friends, put down the box dye and use Style Edit till we meet again, I beg of you. We can get thru this together.....

The Style Edit instant, temporary gray root touch-up products are covering gray roots, extending the life of color between salon visits.

Our product line includes the Style Edit Concealer Spray with the unique pin point applicator targets the areas that need a temporary color boost.

We also offer the Style Edit Root Touch Up Powder which is a lightweight, binding powder that delivers instant, temporary coverage to unwanted gray roots. washes out with shampoo, no flyaways or dusting, and works in seconds.

Another Product is the Style Edit Root Cover Up Stick which is perfect to conceal smaller areas like the eye brows.

With every order thru our website, you’ll get a FREE Gift with purchase of STYLE EDITS DRY SHAMPOO, retail value of $20. Happy shopping friends. @ Portland, Oregon
blog.akemisalon.com Akemi Salon is temporarily closed at this time…. – Akemi Salon Please read our most current blog post in regards to Akemi Salon's temporary closing update. Thank you and be well
https://blog.akemisalon.com/akemi-salon-is-temporarily-closed-at-this-time/ blog.akemisalon.com Posted on March 26, 2020 by Akemi SalonAkemi Salon is temporarily closed at this time…. To Our Loyal Clients, In response to the Coranavirus (Covid-19) developments, we are taking the necessary actions to ensure we keep our clients and team members safe. Akemi Salon is closed thru April until furt...
ATTENTION !!!! Friends don’t let friends use box dye!

To all my Beautiful Grey haired clients who have been asking us on what to do through this time, Style Edit is a perfect quick fix!!! Please feel free to reach out to your stylist, to match up your color. Please DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT use box dye to color your hair. Not only will it cause color issues but it will cost you a lot more $$ to fix in long run to try and correct. Please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions.

Please visit our website www.akemisalon.com to satisfy any of your beauty product needs. Let us help you and in return it helps us during these wonky times. All orders receive a free gift with purchase as well as any order $50 or more will receive free shipping. These are all the lines you can find thru our website .... @aloxxihair @aquaextensions @thebeautyofhopecandles @blincinc @bodyography @brazilianprofessionals @cherrybloomscosmetics @cirepil_wax_usa @colorproofhair @davinesofficial @earthlybody @elevenaustralia @framar @frommpro @ghdhair @gorgeous.cosmeticss @grandecosmetics @grohhair @hotheadshairextensions @jksinternational @keunehaircosmetics @kevin.murphy @lilashbeauty @lomahaircare @neulash.id @moroccanoil @realsaintsandsinners @skinauthority @styleedithair @tantowel @youngblood_cosmetics @ysparkusa
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Jaime Jean at Akemi Salon I, @hair_by_jaimejean , have decided to listen to our leaders about social distancing. This means I’ll be doing my part and staying home these next two weeks the best I can. If I haven’t mentioned before, my husband has been on a medication for over a year now that completely comprises his immune system, so much, he could suffer and possibly die from the common cold, not to mention this crazy new flu pandemic. So his health is at the top of my priority list. So if doing my part to keep him safe means I stay away from people, then that’s what I’m gonna do right now. I’ve started a rescheduling list for my currently booked clients and some of my clients have already took it upon themselves to reschedule in April as well. I have specific times blocked off for this rescheduling situation, so not all availability will show online. So if you can’t find a time in April that works for you, please reach out to me because I might actually have it still available. These are crazy times and I don’t think there is any need to panic, but instead take it easy, take a deep breath and take this time to rejuvenate. I’ll be available for all phone calls, emails and texts to answer questions and schedule future appointments. I am still here for you. We will get thru this and see each other soon enough. Take care and May The Force Be With You.
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Life is short, take risks. 🖤
Hair by Michael S. Bradley
🤎🍫 #chocolate by Stylist @dandelion.mane #originalandmineral #pdxhairstylist #akemisalon
Please, if you feel sick, please consider canceling and rescheduling your Akemi Hair appointment. Akemi wants to ensure the safety and wellness of those we serve and our Stylists. If you are sick, we will assist you in rescheduling your appointment without any penalty. We encourage this even if the notice is less than our usual 24hour requirement. It is our hope that we can help you feel comfortable and encourage you to take care of your health and wellness and be mindful of others. Xoxo #akemisalon #williamsdistrictpdx #portlandoregon #pdx #pdxhairsalon #crueltyfreebeauty #crueltyfreehairsalon #sustainablebeauty #thebestthingsinlifearecrueltyfree
Stylist Bettie @bettiebombshellhair @akemisalon @williamsdistrictpdx @portland
Stylist Amelia Weesies @ameliaweesies @akemisalon @williamsdistrictpdx @portland
mailchi.mp Moving to Akemi Salon 💇 Moving to Akemi Salon 💇 - https://mailchi.mp/71fd59368ed3/moving-to-akemi-salon mailchi.mp
You can't bottle these auburn dreams ❤
Hair by Michael S. Bradley
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oprahmag.com Why We'll Be Rooting for "Hair Love" on Oscars Night oprahmag.com The short film will bring you to tears.
I caught me a Yoda at work today 🖤 #yoda #starwars #adoptdontshop
Keeping it fresh and clean with layers of rich mocha. 🖤☕🖤
Hair by Michael S. Bradley
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Beauty Launchpad It’s kind of a big deal ✂️ @hair_hare #beautylaunchpad
[01/23/20]   Akemi is a unique hair studio for over 12 years and caters to the best clientele PDX has to offer. We have new clients booking everyday, so we are looking for a motivated and passionate salon professional who is looking to grow their business.
Framing and textured crown layers add depth to this versatile style for finer hair types.
Hair by Michael S. Bradley
#pdxhair #portlandhairstylist #akemihairstudio
Work by @hair_by_jaimejean @akemisalon @williamsdistrictpdx @portland #purplerubyhair
Work by @hair_by_jaimejean @akemisalon @williamsdistrictpdx @portland #moonstonehair #metallicbluegreyhair @ Portland, Oregon
Cute ❤️ Curly girl, you are LOVE ❤️
Rock your hair unapologetically 🧜🏽‍♀️
Art x Rik Lee Illustration
Sound Equine Options Please say hello to Cindy Lou Who, Betty Lou Who and Major Augustus, our Christmas Trio!

Christmas 2018 that is. These three horses have been in protective custody with us since December 6th, 2018. But they were not legally ours — so we could not tell their story or ask for help on their behalf — until 12:01 pm TODAY.

We have been quietly caring for these three horses for an entire year and, with the continued support of our community, we can now make sure they find the loving, caring homes they deserve. But our ability to say yes to horses like these depends on the support of people like you. Please donate today and join us in caring for vulnerable horses in our community.

Back in December of 2018, Clackamas County Sheriff's Office asked us to care for three abandoned horses. Their previous owner had convinced an elderly gentleman to let her board her horses in his field. But then she stopped paying board, providing food or even showing up to care for these horses. This poor man, who was trying to survive on a fixed income and who was having a hard time just getting around, was left to feed and care for them.

Thankfully, neighbors stepped in to help, purchasing feed and caring for the horses on a daily basis. After about 6 months of this, the sheriff’s office was called, which asked us to take in these horses and filed abandonment charges against the previous owner.

Legal cases take time, but this one took longer than most because the suspect failed to show up for court. An arrest warrant was issued, but no one knew where to find her, so we simply had to wait. Eventually, we hired our own attorney to put an adjusters lien on the horses for their expenses. That lien was foreclosed on TODAY and the horses are now officially ours!

Now these horses can go from a custody status where we could only provide care, to becoming one of ours that we can finally start training under saddle in preparation for their new loving homes! Will you help us continue to care for these three deserving horses? AND be there for the next abandoned horse that needs us?

Thanks to your previous support, we were able to take these three horses in last year, but what if we get a similar call for help today?

Please help us care for Cindy Lou Who, Betty Lou Who, Major Augustus and the many more that are bound to come our way soon. Please donate today if you can.

#SayNoToHorseAbandonment #Oregonsaysnotohorseabandonment #strongtogether #HorseRescueDoneRight #horserescue
Work by @hair_by_jaimejean @akemisalon @williamsdistrictpdx @portland #creativecolor
vegannewsnow.com Victory! Avon Ends Animal Testing | Vegan News Change is happening! vegannewsnow.com Thanks to PETA the cosmetics company Avon has ended all animal testing around the world. This victory will have a huge impact especially in China.

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