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Who says blonde if for summer! Had a great time doing a fall blonde on an already beautiful young lady!
[10/20/20]   Phone is up and working again thank goodness!
(So far....)
Again we apologize to anyone who experienced a delay in their call being returned
[10/16/20]   Apologies to anyone who has called to make an appointment. We are having issues with our phone and can’t call out! Repairman is scheduled for Monday. Sorry for any inconvenience.

[09/23/20]   I am still working on getting the salon in a condition that I feel like we can reopen. Still AT LEAST another day of cleaning yet to do.
I am impressed by the toughness and tenacity of the canyon people already calling to make appointments. I suppose I had thought it would be a while longer before anyone would be even thinking about making an appointment for their hair, but perhaps they just want to get things back to as normal as they possibly can. Even people who have lost their homes are still wanting to come in, like I said incredibly resilient!
For me, I am still grieving. Not for myself because our losses are incredibly minimal. Just a shed, trees and shrubs. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a mess and will be a lot of clean up but I feel like it is nothing compared to those who have lost everything. I’m grieving for my entire community. My heart hurts every time I drive up highway 22 between Mehama and Mill City and see the devastation. The chaos and madness created of fire and wind decimating one home then skipping two, only to take three more in a row then skip one lone house and take two or three more to the ground. And that’s just to Mill City... Over the weekend I honestly didn’t want to make the drive through Gates. But I needed to check on my business and with Hwy 22 closed at the time along with the Mill City bridge it was my only option. I gripped the steering wheel hoping that would somehow hold back the tears as I drove through what looks to me how I imagine a war zone might look. Driving past the ash of childhood memories and a house that I once lived in, was as surreal as it gets. I’m trying to be grateful for still having a home and a business. But right now I am so unbelievably sad for all the loss. For every single home, every family, loved one, furry companion, every beautiful place that in the blink of an eye is just gone and in its place all that remains is smoldering rubble. My heart aches for all of you.
But it’s not about me, my sadness or heartache. It’s about my community. And if what you want is your hair cut, colored etc. then my insanely tough canyon friends, I will suck it up and put my emotions aside so I can finish cleaning tomorrow. So that I can reopen the salon and help you at least find some comfort and sense of normalcy ❤️
The salon still smells like an ash tray today 😞 replacing air filters again, washing everything and hopefully tomorrow will be better... tomorrow’ appointments have been moved. I’m doing my best to reopen this week but no promises. I am also dealing with fire damage at my house as well. Home itself is fine, we lost a shed and vegetation. Lots of clean up in both places.
Please be patient ❤️
Still hard to believe the salon is still standing. I can’t seem to wrap my head around all this to be perfectly honest. Thank you Randy Moberg for taking this picture for me and Shelly Moberg for asking him to. I have no idea when we will be back to work but we will post when we get a clearer idea. In the meantime I am trying to think of a way to be of help to the community when we can reopen. Please share thoughts and ideas in the comments and help me figure out a way to help the community. My heart hurts for all the losses suffered in our canyon.
~much love,
I just wanted to let everyone know that Kara and I, as well as our families are all okay and out safe! As of right now the salon has survived and we are feeling incredibly grateful and hope it continues to withstand the devastation. Our hearts go out to all the surrounding communities and families who have been affected by the fires. Please stay safe everyone!
They match! Gorgeous and fun color for my daughter Chloe and her boyfriend Brior ❤️🔥
They match! Gorgeous and fun color for my daughter Chloe and her boyfriend Brior ❤️🔥
The Hair Konnection
Landscaping by Kara! ❤️
Long overdue touch up on my sister in law! So glad she let me take the time to curl and style her gorgeous hair ❤️
In love with this transformation! 🧡 copper blonde for the win!!
Sunday is for family. Sometimes that means at home and sometimes it’s at the salon ❤️ always love spending time with @mrs.kaytlynbrittanycourtney and making you even more gorgeous!
Please share!
Hard to tell from the before pic but we were covering a bit of previous green. I’m in love with the gorgeous rich brunette we ended up doing!
I just wanted to say a genuine whole hearted THANK YOU to all of the clients who have been so wonderfully understanding and considerate about the REQUIREMENTS we have had to implement in order to be able to reopen. Trust me wearing a mask isn’t fun for us either, however it shows empathy and the ability to care about the health of others to be willing to put up with a the mild inconvenience of wearing a mask. We are still adjusting and trying to work through the months of backlog and get everyone in and back to feeling fabulous. ❤️ We are doing our best to be RESPONSIBLE business owners during these unusual times. We generally appreciate your business and your patience as we work towards getting back to normal.
Easton finally got his first haircut! Only two months later than planned. Such a cutie 🥰
[05/27/20]   Thank you to
Margaret Harris
For making and dropping off masks for us! You are amazing!

This just in! Looks like we will be able to reopen soon. With the holiday weekend and previous obligations the soonest we would be able to reopen would likely be Wednesday the 27th. Please be patient with us and we will begin making appointments ASAP. Thank you and talk to everyone soon!
[05/14/20]   Marion County remains closed for now.
I just thought I would share just a few of the supplies that we are accumulating for when we are able to see our wonderfully supportive clients again. Even though we don’t know exactly when that will be just yet, we are making sure we can provide the safest possible environment. Things will assuredly be different for a time, however we wanted you to know that when the time comes we will be prepared! We know that many of you are well past being ready for an appointment, and trust me we share in your frustration. Please know that we will do all we can to reopen as soon as we are allowed, and have every possible safety precaution in place. We ask you to please keep in mind that requirements and guidelines are continuing to evolve and change as new information is discovered. That could mean a short delay in reopening if it is required for us to put in place any additional safety measures at the last minute.

Lastly, many of you have reached out asking to make appointments for the day we reopen. Unfortunately if we do not actually have a reopening date, it is impossible to make appointments at this time. Please know that we will absolutely make an announcement when we can begin making appointments. Every single one of our clients are important to us! We are going to have months of appointments to catch up on, along with additional time consuming sanitation protocols and strict social distancing procedures to adhere to. We will do our best to get everyone in as quickly as time allows, just know that some patience and understanding of circumstances beyond our control will be necessary.
Thank you all so much and we look forward to seeing all of you as soon as possible.
Hello all! There seems to be a bit of confusion relating to when we will be able to reopen. As of now we do not have a clear timeline of when that will happen. Marion County has applied to reopen per phase 1, however the application is not even under review at this point. One of the prerequisites from my understanding is a decline in new cases. Marion county had 51 new cases from Friday 5/9 to Saturday 5/10 so I am not sure where that leaves us to be perfectly honest. I am attaching some photos to hopefully clarify.

The short version is we do not as of yet have a set date of when we can reopen. We will absolutely keep you posted and begin making appointments when we have a solid date. Thank you!

Honestly so true!
Mini makeover on one of my new favorite people! ❤️ she was an absolute blast, this is why I love my job ❤️🥰❤️🥰❤️
I did some rich velvety purple on my niece earlier in the week. Not sure which one of us loved it more!
Red balayage ❤️
Purple and blonde 💜

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