Le' Chic

156 SW 3rd St

Madras, OR, 97741

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Just some pretty clients that get to do there hair at Le’Chic and peach salon 💇‍♀️😍
A beauti spotted at Le”Chic
Prettiness at Le’Chic
Happiness it’s Sunday in my pantry detoxed it and it’s my brothers bday tomorrow 😇🌸and London get real 🥰
Beauty’s spotted at Le’Chic 💋🔥🌟
Social distancing 101 😀😀😅
Livin the best life at Le’Chic today 🦋💋
Le’Chic u got this ❤️💋have a perfect kind of Tuesday
What kind of day is Le chic having 💋
Who gets Gouda and caviar at there salon 💕Le chic in madras and soon peach salon in terabone on Saturday’s
Le' Chic
Le' Chic's cover photo
Happiness at Le’Chic 😇🛍💋
A week of pure abundance at Le’Chic 😍
Love my life at Le’Chic 💕
Fun weekend so far 🦋
Fun weekend of living a different kind of wonderful life 😇💋🙏
Rite this is Saturday 🤓
Beautiful day at Le’Chic yesterday wedding hair 💋and I had mine done also thank u Dustin u cute Rock Star 🌟
Happiness at Le chic
Fun day of excess lunching 💋vanity room Redmond or 😍Amanda 🎂 ulta shopping 💕mi mi store loved it and just lots of fun omg 😜
Beautiful things happen at Le’Chic 🥰
What spotted at Le chic 💋
Life is soo full of pink and pretty people and friends oh la la 💕
Prettiness spotted at Le chic
Blessed beyound
Stunning Monica 😍
Lovin summer weather 😍
Have the best Sunday it’s Father’s Day 💕Miss my Dad so much loved him 💋
Beautiful one at Le’Chic 💕
Spotted a beauty at Le’Chic 🍾💕🎉
Happiness it’s Friday
Happiness at Le’Chic
Just the beautiful people I get to have in my salon Le chic 🤩
Happiness at Le chic 😍

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Le' Chic

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