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She had such a beautiful brow to start with, that it didn't take much to get her arch dialed in! Schedule your permanent designer Brows today!
[09/13/20]   I just want to say that my heart felt prayers go out to my community here! l want offer free shampoo's and blow out's for anyone who has been displaced. It might not be much, but l also know that it would make you feel better on some level! Please send me a message and l can fit you in on any open spaces on my books! My prayers and thoughts are with you!
[09/10/20]   My heart felt prayers go out to all of my friends and all of my clients who are also my friends! You are all on my mind and in my prayers! We are safe , we happened to have taken a trip to Bend right before the craziness, just hope l have a home and a salon to return to! The salon will be closed for now and will let everyone know when l open back up! Take care and be safe!
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If you hate the hassle of make up, you should consider permanent cosmetics, she will never have to apply lipstick again! Her lips will look fabulous night/day, swimming, eating, etc. Book now for a consultation with Traci Gibbon, owner of Bella Grace Studios.
New Designer Permanent Brows for this beauty. I just did a little soft backshading to define and sharpen her arch, and restore them back to their natural beauty! BOOK NOW to make an appt. with SALON OWNER Traci Gibbon.
Beautiful new permanent brows, l love how her arch came out! Book an appt. now , with TRACI GIBBON, salon owner!
She is still a little inflamed, but l love how her shape and arch came out! Call for appt. If you want permanent brows, lips, or eyeliner!
[05/14/20]   I am happy to announce that Bella Grace Studios has the green light to open for business! I will be taking strenuous pre cautions, and adhering to the new guidelines recommended by the state. I have missed you all and hope to see everyone soon!
- Also to remind everyone that l am in my new location, next to Global Nails!
Beautiful new permanant brows on this pretty girl!
Beautiful permanent new brows for this beauty! Schedule now to wake up pretty!
BELLA GRACE STUDIOS new location! Specializing in Microblading, permanent make-up, waxing, balayage, hair thinning solutions and all your hair needs!
Excited to announce that Bella Grace Studios , has moved to its new location 2728 NE Hwy 101, next to Global Nails! Excited to see everyone there!
Wake up pretty with permanent lip color, could you imagine having a 5 min make up routine, with permanent lips, brows, and eyeliner!
Beautiful new powder brows for this beauty! Powder brows are a more permanent option and only needs a color boost every 3 to 5 years!
I just love brows , but lips are really becoming my favorite! I just love how the pmu color just really defined her lips and filled in the edges, to give her back full, liscious lips!
I love how beautiful her arch came out on this machine powder brow! Brows that are done with the machine are more permanent then with the microblade and lasts longer!
I'm so happy with these brows, these are hairstrokes that are done with the machine, they heal better and last longer! I wish l had a before pic, but she had no hair, and l had to build the whole brow!
Natural Balayage on this beautiful girl!
Pretty new brows for this girl!! She had very little hair and it was very light!!
This is another brow correction from a previous artists work, they were very solid before with very little texture, l had hairstrokes to give it a more natural softer look, brow corrections take time and patience, but very worth it, in the end!
This was a fun adventure! She started off as a red head, l had to get her to grey, and then put all the fun colors in!
This is SCALP MICROPIGMENTATION, l have specialized in thinning hair for about the past 20 years of my career in this industry, and this is by far the best solution to thinning hair issues! It takes a few sessions but well worth the permanent results!
I just love the freedom that EXTENSIONS give you, it's the perfect solution for the in between stages of grow outs!!
Brow correction from the work of a previous artist, The ink had just turned an ashy color, and there was not a lot of texture in the brow, l added hairstrokes, and corrected her color, to a more natural tone! Brow corrections take time and patience and multiple sessions, but the end result will be worth it!
She has a beautiful natural arch, but sometimes they just need to be a little fine tuned!
As we age, we tend to loose the color of our brows and the hair in our brows! That's why cosmetic tattooing for brows is such an awesome solution!
Brow Correction on previous Artists work, the shape was off and the color had turned to a silvery blue! Beautiful new shape and color!
New liner and brows for this pretty eye!!
New permanant lips for this beauty!

I love this fun and exciting make over for this girl!!
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Bella Grace Studios

Bella Grace Studios

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