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[01/03/18]   Three talented barber's on staff today. Come on by and get your haircut .
[12/21/17]   3 barber's on deck today. Come on down and get your holiday cut.
[11/19/17]   Come in and get your holiday cut by Paul tomorrow starting at 9 a.m. at the barbershop.
[09/21/17]   Come check out our new barber over here at P'DUBS
[09/19/17]   We have 3 barber's on staff come on down and get yourself a fresh cut
[07/04/17]   We will be closed from the 6th to the 11th Paul and William will be out of town for the week. Normal business hours will resume Tuesday at 9am
[05/25/17]   It's a good day to get yourself a nice clean haircut to beat the Heat make sure you come on in today and tomorrow we will be closed on Saturday and resume business hours on Tuesday
[05/02/17]   Due to the sick bug going around Paul and Will won't be in today so we don't spread it. We will resume normal business hours tomorrow. We apologize for any inconveniences.
[03/24/17]   On Saturday the 25th we will be closed and will open back up on Tuesday. Sorry for any inconvienced please contact Will or Paul to schedule any appointments .
[02/09/17]   We finally got a break of sunshine now's your chance to make your way for the barbershop before it hits agaian.
[01/27/17]   Open slots till 6:30 come get a good haircut and a cold beer.
[01/21/17]   Good morning to all, Bring your beautiful faces to the barber shop for a clean shave and beer.
[01/20/17]   We got some new pomade we love to use. Come check out the P'DUBS crew and get hooked up
[01/20/17]   Beat the rain and come in and drink a beer and get a fresh haircut and shave.
[01/18/17]   Come in for a great cut and chat it up with us here at p'dubs .
[12/24/16]   Last minute cut no problem, open till 2pm today.
[12/01/16]   Paul and Will are in the shop till 6:30 tonight, come get yourself cleaned up and ready for the weekend
[11/01/16]   Sorry for the inconvenience but we will be closed today, and will be open tomorrow at 9 am
[05/26/16]   We have some open spots today come and check out paul and will for a clean cut.

P DUBS Barbershop

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