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Holidays are almost here!! I don’t have many openings, but thinking about opening a few extra days! Text/call soon! (I’ll be off from Dec 24th until Jan 5th.) 😍☃️🎄🎆🎁💞
Week 7!! So thankful for everyone who has been able to make it back in! I will be here for those who haven’t when you’re ready! I appreciate and love you all❤️
[05/22/20]   Done!! Spent all day taking appts🥳
If I missed anyone, I apologize. Please send me a msg and I’ll find you a spot. Super excited to get back to work. 😃
[05/21/20]   Hello! I’ll be calling tmrw to set up appts! Starting with my first ones cancelled. Talk soon!! 🥳🥳
[05/18/20]   Hello my dearest friends. I have seen the news about the Judge overturning the Governor’s executive order.
Right after the news broke I received an email from HLO (Health Licensing Office) stating I need to stay compliant with the Governors order.
I will watch and see how this goes before I start booking appts again. It’s a pain to schedule and re-schedule.
I will be in touch as soon as I can get a green light.
Thank you all for your love and support and I hope to see you soon! ❤️
[05/08/20]   Hello my dearest friends🥰. As you know the order has not been lifted for stylist in Marion Co. I know some people have chosen to go ahead and reopen. That’s is their decision and I respect that. For now, I’m still going by the guidelines our Governor has put in place. Im feeling hopeful since she has put salon owners etc. in the 1st phase now instead of the 2nd!
I hope you are all staying well. This is awful for us all. Cut your bangs!! Lol. It will help. (Easy fix😉)
Thank you all for all the love and support you have given me. The phone calls and texts make me feel loved. I feel very blessed to call you friends as well as clients. You keep me strong! Hopefully see you soon! If all goes well maybe June 1st! 🙏🏼🤞🏼
Sending love, hugs, positive thoughts, and support, to you as well! ❤️
Ps, thank you Gin Virginia Crimm Denison for all your hard work and help in making masks❤️ You are a godsend.
[04/16/20]   Thank you guys for all the love, and support you’ve given me, for the check-ins, and funny memes. ❤️ I’m praying for this to be over soon. I miss you all very much! I need my peeps😘
[04/08/20]   Hello, as you prob know, I’m still not allowed to be open. As soon as I get a green light, I’ll get with you to reschedule your appt. Stay healthy and safe. Hopefully see you soon! 😘 This is another reason to wait on coloring yourself. So not funny to me. 🙄
[04/01/20]   Being self employed is like, telling your 500 employers that you feel fine, and you won’t be back for at least a month. And then praying that when you return, you’ll get your job back. Thank you so much to everyone who has tried to pre-pay/pay me during this time. And one sneaky one who did (you know who you are). I greatly appreciate it! Thank you❤️ This biggest complement, support, you can do for me and all small businesses is come back!
Stay healthy and safe❤️ Hopefully see you soon😃
[03/31/20]   Hello friends. As you know, I’m a non-essential business. So I will remain closed. Hopefully this will end soon and I’ll be back up and running soon. Stay healthy!
I’ll be in touch❤️😷
[03/23/20]   Hello friends. As you all know, the Governor has shut down all salons. I’m going to comply as I don’t want this to go on any longer than it has to. I will call and reschedule everyone starting the week of the 7th. Thank you for your love and support. Please be safe, healthy, and don’t go out unless you have to. ❤️ We got this! 🥰
I’m staying open as long as I can! Keeping everything sanitized and clean. If you cannot make your appt, I get it, no worries. Stay healthy everyone. ❤️you!!

Thx Maralee for the pic😂
MayMay 😂
[01/23/20]   I have a few openings next week! 🥳 Shoot me a msg😃
Hello my friends! I’ll be off until the 28th, then off again until the 3rd.
Thank you all so much for your love! I appreciated all my wonderful cards and gifts! Your generosity fills my heart!
Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year! 🎄🎇🥰
[11/01/19]   Okay now I have to give myself a shout out!! Happy 23 yrs as a license stylist! 🥳 ps: yes, I was the youngest ever at 10. 💇🏻‍♀️😃
Thanks sister!! 😂😬
The holidays are coming, very stressful!! Don’t do it! Call me😂
[08/10/19]   Today was a rough one for me. I really appreciate the clients/friends I had that let me reschedule. Doesn’t happen often but thanks for your understanding and support. You’re the best❤️
Corrective color (she did it herself ☺️) is never easy, but this turned out fabulous!! 🤩 I love my job🥰
This sweet girl wouldn’t smile for me but I loved meeting her today ❤️ and her love her grandma🥰
[02/06/19]   Big thanks to everyone for being patient with my bday weekend and Kenz oral surgery. Back in the shop tmrw and rest of the week! I have a few openings if this week if anyone needs in❤️
😂 😹😹😻😻 Sun Gazing
[12/22/18]   Officially done!! Closed until Friday December 28th. See you then. Merry Christmas!! Love you all🎄❤️
Thanks sister!❤️
A few weeks ago! #makeoverhairkeizer
#Alinefun #22yearsexperiencekeizerstylist #alteregoitalycolorrocks

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