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Let's get you up close and personal!
Anyone else obsessed with Halmark Christmas movies? I've been watching them since November πŸ˜‚πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ My husband thinks I'm crazy.. I could be.. but he still loves me πŸ˜‹ My favorite one this year so far is Christmas on Vienna!
Lashes by Kayla Reerslev
I don't post alot about makeup! But did you know that I'm not just a lash artist! Makeup is my other favorite service!
@ Courtyard by Marriott Corvallis
It's been a minute! Still lashing over here.. I have to admit this mask is cute! But look at those lashes !!!
This lady is wedding readyyy!! Congratulations pretty lady! I cannot wait to see picturesβ™‘β™‘
FINALLY back in the salon! πŸ™Œ
Today was the best day!! Dont forget booking is now open!
How's everyone hanging in there during quarantine? I haven't been in a store in about 2 weeks. I miss my ladys, clients, family, the salon, normal life. But I'm so thankful I get to spend all this time with Wade.
What are you thankful for that this quarantine is giving you?
Stay Lashy, Stay Classy.

Have I ever told you how I came up with Stay Lashy?
When I first started doing lashes I was Lash Extensions by Kayla... how boring was that! So I started asking everyone to help me come up with a name that would last a life time. They were coming up with some really great names but a little on the dirty side πŸ˜‚ definitely not me. I needed something classy not trashy.. stay classy... turned into Stay Lashy. I loved it then and I love it now because not only is it classy πŸ˜‰ I want everyone to stay with lashes and love the heck out of them! Let me help YOU love your lashes!
Look how gorgeous my client is β™‘ We did a slight cat eye with shorter lashes to give a noticeable but natural-ish looking lashes!

I love talking with other new moms and realizing that I'm not alone. Also didn't realize how much we would talk about our babys poo..πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ
New set for this pretty lady who is off to Hawaii! I've never been but always wanted to, maybe someday! Lashes a great for vacations, because who wants to take time doing their makeup just to have raccoon eyes after a swim !? Not I batman!
Book lashes for you next vacation!!
The perfect pop of color ! πŸ’™
Lashes by Kayla Reerslev's cover photo
Lashes by Kayla Reerslev
Valentine's gift card special!
Have you been wanting lash extensions? This is the chance to tell your adoring partner what you would love to have for Valentine's day!
Buy a gift card for a volume full set and receive $50 off!! Just enter BEMINE in when you check out!
Lashes for days over here!
Only a few openings left this week! Book now!!
Getting back into the groove after maternity leave has been hard. The first day back I forgot how to hold my isolating tweezers. It felt like I had never held them before. My fans are not perfect and I feel so rusty but dannggg girl this set is in fire if I might say so.
A soft before and after!
Today is my first day working in the new space and I can't be more excited.
Just a reminder all full sets now get a lash bath and brush included AND I have a referral program now! So many new things for this new year! πŸ™Œ

I don't have any resolutions just goals this yesr... rebuild my business and BUY a flippin house. We have been looking for about 2 years now. I remember saying "we got to have a house before this baby comes out"... now I'm saying "before he starts crawling!" We live in a one bedroom, one bath house and it's so small. Pour Wade's bassinet is in the living room along with everything else πŸ˜‚ I declutter/throw things out on the daily.
I feel it, I really feel this is going to be the year of the house. What are resolutions or goals for 2020 I would love to hear about them!
Kissing my tweezers because I'm lashing next week!
I have a some openings before Christmas an a few left before the new years! It's my last weeks at blush in Albany and books are OPEN for Junction City!
Swipe---》to see the before! Don't forget I'm back before Christmas and have a few spot left! Book now!!
Holding the babe thinking about lashes. Can't wait to get my hands moving again! I am loving all the baby snuggles and time off but I miss you all!!
December is booking up fast!! Don't forget to rebook your appointment! I only have a few appointments left in December!
New year, new changes! As January is approaching I wanted to update everyone on my new policies and price changes! Please check out The website is still in the works.. but it's viewable
PLEASE read all policy changes! I will be VERY strict on people being late, no shows and dirty lashes.
Price and time changes are so I have more time to really take and care of your lashes and so you have the best of me.
Missing lashing and my @blushsalonoregon girls already and I haven't been out for a week!
I almost didn't post this because if those two fans in the middle that are just a little longer, but this is life not every set is perfect but I always strive for perfection.
FINALLY @borboletabeauty certified! I love taking classes because I love getting my fans critiqued and meeting new people who live for lashing as much as I do.
Looking back in all my gorgeous colored sets, this is one of my favorites we matched her lashes to her hair!! @naildesignsbycandice is always down for the most amazing hair color, literally I don't think she would ever say no and I flipping love it! I, how ever could never! I'm forever a redhead.
CLASSIC} It's been a minute! I've been a little distracted lately πŸ˜‚ but I'm still over here lashing away! October 9th is my last day of work for maternity leave 😭
BUT I have some exciting news to share!!
Starting in December I'll be working part time at @boudicabeauty in Junction City!! I cannot wait to work along side some awesome stylist and only being 5 minutes away from my house. Not to worry I'll still be at @blushsalonoregon Wednesday - Friday.πŸ’‹
VOLUME} Thinking alot about maternity leave lately since I only have 5 weeks of work left! 5! How crazy is that! I don't want to be MIA but I have a feeling it's gonna happen.
If you went on maternity leave and still had a Instagram/business to run what are somethings you did so you didn't fall off the face of the earth.?
I am super excited to have time off with the hubs before babe gets here, firefighter farmer life is ruff in the summer. I'm am HERE for this fall weather!
CLIENTS} Ok everyone my schedule is getting full! If you are an existing client I highly recommend booking your appointments out before I leave for maternity leave. Oct 9 is my last day until Dec 17th! AND I would book your December appointments! That way your already on the schedule for when I get back.
Here are some awesome lash artist that I recommend while I'm out! I would get on there schedules asap!
@savyevans Corvallis @samantha_leww Corvallis @caprice.milan.esthetics Corvallis @natalie_lashenvy Eugene
@lisam.power Albany
@lashedwithjen Keizer
@lashbeautybyamanda Portland
VOLUME} hubs picked up over time today, so I get all the dog loves. I'm literally nobody to Charlie when dad is around but when he's gone he wants all the attention! Anyone else pup fon this? @ Denny's
VOLUME} Holly HEAVENS look at @kyannemeeks eyes!! So blue so perfect!
VOLUME} love a different view.
Stop everything! Downton Abbey is coming out with a movie!! Its only going to be showed in theaters I'm here for this and I CANNOT wait! I might have all the seasons on DVD... I'm obsessed. Who else is a Downton fan? πŸ™‹πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ
VOLUME} Lindsey has the best natural lashes for extensions! You can see them poking out because they are so long!
Dont forget I'm still running a full set special until September 10th!
CLASSIC} My feet are very swollen and it's not even August yet! I have a feeling the cankle like is the life for me.
Other news this blue eye goddess is giving me life right now. β™‘
CLASSIC} My GORGEOUS client from today. We started her off with a classic set to see how she likes them. She's hooked and ready wants to add some volume in at her fill appointment.
My gorgeous client @mrsamandapowell
Did you know lashes extensions are perfect for brides! They don't feel heavy, they dont start to lift in the corners when you start crying or sweating from all that dancing πŸ’ƒπŸ•Ί your going to be doing, and the next morning when you wake up to your husband 🀡 your lashes will still look beautiful and not stuck to your forehead.
Always booking brides! πŸ‘°
Photo by @audiss_photo_co
Lashes by yours truly @stay_lashy
VOLUME} Give me alllll the fluff!!
Few more openings left next week! DM me for your spot asap!!

Lashes by Kayla Reerslev

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