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[10/13/20]   Off today oct 13th. Due to being ill.
Dr appt on oct 14th. Be back on Thursday.
[09/22/20]   Heading back home from vacation. If you would like to make an appt. for beginning week September 29th please leave me a message. We will be in and out of reception. I will get back to you as soon as possible.
[09/16/20]   On vacation, be back sep 29th.
[09/08/20]   Due to heavy smoke the shop will not open til noon. Thank you for your patience.
[07/18/20]   Kelley’s barbershop is closed on Saturday July 17th. New hours will be : open the first Saturday of every month.
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[06/27/20]   Due to lack of interest by customers I am off Saturday June 27.
[06/23/20]   Kelley’s Barber Shop is open and accepting appointments or walk-ins Come get your summer haircut now.💈💈💈💈💈💈💈💈💈💈💈
[05/11/20]   It looks like good news!
The barber shop will re-open beginning Friday and Saturday.
CHANGES to the shop include:
You must make an appointment!!!!
If you are more than 5 minutes late I will take the next customer and you will have to reschedule.
Please call 541-460-8290 to get, change or cancel your appt.
Only 2 people in shop at a time. Please wait in your car or on the bench outside until your turn.
You have the option of leaving your name and number so that you can be contacted in the case of an outbreak at the shop.
Please do not come in for a haircut if you have been feeling ill with any of the covid-19 indicators.
Please wear a mask.
Clippers, chairs, capes and implements used on you will be sterilized between uses.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at the number above.
[04/15/20]   The lock down has Been extended to April 30th. Try to hang in there! Remember we all are over due for hair cuts. Try to keep a sense of humor! Laugh It's Free!!!!!
[04/08/20]   The government has not released barber shops to go back to work therefore Kelley’s barbershop will be closed for another 2 weeks. I’m sorry, this is a trying time. If you have an emergency please call me.
[03/15/20]   Due to covid 19 Kelley’s barber shop will be closed for next couple weeks. I will re-evaluate then. Look for updates here.
[03/14/20]   Kelley’s barber shop is closed Saturday. Will be open again on Tuesday.
[03/13/20]   Kelley’s Barber shop is closed today.
[03/10/20]   Due to appt. I will not open until 11:00am on Tuesday March 10th. Thank you for understanding!
[02/08/20]   Closed Saturday ! Back open Tuesday.
[12/30/19]   Kelley’s barber shop open Tuesday Dec 31st.
[12/25/19]   Kelley’s barber shop will be closed dec 25th thru dec 30th. Open dec 31st and closed Jan. 1st.
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[11/29/19]   Barbershop closed until Dec 3rd. Have a wonderful thanksgiving!
Get your thanksgiving hair cut now!
Happy halloweeny!
[09/17/19]   No waiting at Kelley’s Barber Shop!
[09/07/19]   Family in from out of town. Shop closed today, Saturday Sep 5th.
[08/14/19]   Kelley’s Barber Shop will be open Thursday August 15th at 9:00am
[08/08/19]   Kelley’s Barbershop is closed during Scandinavian Festival.
[07/06/19]   Shop closed Friday and Saturday July 5th and 6th.
Rachael Had to share this photo I took of my son getting his hair cut!
[05/07/19]   Kelley’s barbershop is closed Tuesday and Wednesday May 7th and 8th. Back in on Thursday!
[04/20/19]   Kelley’s barber shop closed Saturday April 20th.
[02/28/19]   Kelley’s barbershop is open today. No waiting!
[02/26/19]   snow day!
Kelley’s barber shop is closed Tuesday Feb 26th. ☃️
[02/12/19]   Kelley’s barbershop is open!
[02/06/19]   Due to family medical care shop will be closed for a few days. Thank you for your patience!
[02/05/19]   Shop will open late due to snow.
Around 10:00am to 11:00am

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Kelley's Barbershop

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