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[04/10/18]   Last minute opening has come up for this Wednesday at 4pm. I won’t have another late afternoon opening like this until late May so let me know if you’d like it!
[02/12/18]   Good evening! After a lot of thought and careful consideration, I have decided that I will be cutting back on my hours a little bit at the studio. Starting in April I will only work 1 Sunday per month. Saturdays will be business as usual. I will also be limiting how late I stay in the evenings. I love all of my amazing clients to the ends of the earth and I’ve really tried to be as accommodating as possible. With that said, I will be closing my books to new clients for the time being. Being as busy as I am is an absolute blessing! I want to continue providing my clients with their preferred days and time slots and feel that closing my books for a while will be the best way to keep my people happy. As always, I’m encouraging folks to schedule 2 appointments at a time to ensure that you get in when you want. I’ve gotten extremely booked up and am also advising that if you need to cancel or reschedule, I require no less than 24 hours notice. Again, I appreciate all of you and all of the support I’ve been given all of these years! Taking this little step back will be so vital to not just me but to my family as well. Thank you! Have a great evening!
[01/10/18]   Good evening! I only have 3 openings left in January! I have Thursday the 18th 12:30-3:30pm, Thursday the 25th 3-4:30pm and January 31st 2-4pm. Let me know if you’d like to snag one of these openings! February is also booking fast! Have a great day!
[12/29/17]   I have really wonderful clients. I couldn’t feel more thankful or blessed to call many of them friends. Thank you for letting me into your lives and trusting me to do what I love! I hope you all have a safe and Happy New Year! I look forward to serving you in 2018!
[11/07/17]   Hello everyone! I just wanted to give an update on my schedule. I am officially booked for the rest of November and through mid December. My first opening is Wednesday December 13th. December is already booking extremely fast so I am encouraging my clients to book now and to book 2 appointments at a time to ensure that you are getting the dates and times that you want. Thank you! I look forward to pampering you all this holiday season!
[10/26/17]   Hello friends! I just wanted to give an update on my November availability. Most spots have been taken! I have one opening on Wednesday November 1st for a haircut from 4-5pm, Thursday November 9th between 12-2:30pm and November 30th from 3-5:30pm. That’s it! That’s all she wrote for November! If you’d like to snag one of those 3 available appointments, let me know! December is booking FAST too so I would get on the schedule if you’re thinking about it! Have a great day!!
[10/24/17]   Sorry for the multiple posts today! I wanted to just update my friends, family, and clients that I am almost entirely booked for the month of November. My availability is as follows: November 1st from 4pm-5pm for a haircut, November 2nd 10am-12pm or 1pm-6pm, November 9th 1:30-2:30pm for a haircut, November 11th 10am-1pm, November 30th 1:30-5:30pm. Weekends are essentially booked until the end of the year but I may be flexible depending on the date. Again, I’m encouraging people to book 2 appointments at a time due to how busy my schedule has been. Thank you all! I look forward to serving you this holiday season! Have a great week!
[10/05/17]   Good morning! Just a heads up that my schedule is getting crazy booked! I have a few sporadic openings beginning October 20th on a few weekdays. I have one Sunday opening on the 29th of October and won’t have another weekend open until December. I’m encouraging my clients to book in advance and to start booking 2 appointments at a time to ensure that you get the times and spaces that you want. With that said, I would like to note a reminder for my cancellation policy- especially with the holidays coming up. As a courtesy, I give the option to have an emailed reminder of your appointment sent 48 hours prior to services. I require 24 hours notice for all cancellations. I absolutely understand circumstances can come up and I’ve been really flexible and lenient in those cases. However, when appointments are cancelled without enough notice, I miss an opportunity to fill that appointment time and my clients that are on my wait list also miss an opportunity to have services done. I appreciate your understanding with this matter! I mean it when I say that I have the best clients in the world! I enjoy serving all of you in my studio and look forward to our time together! Have a wonderful day!
[10/01/17]   Thank you Chelsea A. and Karina G. for your referrals this week! Did you know if you refer clients you earn free product? It’s true! Refer a friend and earn a full size product on me!
[09/13/17]   I've got a few openings that have popped up! I have an opening THIS Sunday the 17th from 1:00-2:30pm that could be for a cut and all over color or just a haircut and an opening Wednesday the 20th at 3:30pm for a haircut. Let me know if you would like one of these spots! A reminder- I will be out of the studio from the 22nd-26th and will be returning the 27th!
[09/13/17]   Just a reminder- I require at least 24 hours notice for cancelations. 48 hours notice is required if it is a weekend time slot. Repeated cancelations will be required to pay for missed services in full before you can schedule again. I absolutely understand things can come up but I'm having way too many last minute cancelations. I appreciate your understanding! Have a great week!
[09/11/17]   My business is officially on Instagram! Find me @SashayHairBoutique The Best Clarifying Shampoos, According to 5 Hair Pros When I talk to my clients about clarifying their hair, many never know what a difference it makes! This article has a good list of clarifying shampoos based on your hair type. My current favorite that isn't listed is AG's Cleansing Cream. It's gentle and super effective. Not to mention, it smells amazing! Another trick that has worked for me for many years is mixing equal parts shampoo and baking soda. After working through the hair it's best to rinse and condition well. It's unbelievable what this concoction can do! Build up is removed and color looks completely refreshed! Is there a clarifying shampoo your using that you want to share? Five hair pros spill on their all-time favorite clarifying shampoos.
[06/21/17]   Over the next couple of weeks you'll likely notice some changes to my business page and scheduling system. Yep, I'm taking the plunge and opening my own studio at the Washington Square Sola location! My first day of business will be July 12th! I've also expanded my days to Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and alternating between Saturdays and Sundays! If you have appointments currently scheduled, they are good and will just be at the new location from July 12th going forward. My new business cards have been ordered and I'll be unveiling details as they become available. I'm so excited! This has been a total leap of faith and in turn, everything has been falling into place. I'm so fortunate and I absolutely love all of my clients! Thank you for the love and support. I can't wait to pamper you all in my new studio!
[04/21/17]   Good afternoon! Just a heads up- I am completely booked for the rest of April and almost booked through May. I have a few sporadic openings left. My Sundays are completely booked until June 11th. I'm encouraging people to rebook future appointments while in for current appointments and I would like to suggest to anyone thinking of scheduling something, to do so now to ensure that I can accommodate you! Thank you! As always, I appreciate all of the support from my awesome clients!

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